He makes my kids look really good.

I am seriously spoiled when it comes to photographers by my friend John.

The day I went out to take some photos for Sprout’s one-month-aversary, John met me out there and snapped a few too. While my photos turned out pretty good, John got there when the lighting was INSANELY awesome and grabbed these:

In short, if you are in need of a photographer, contact John. The end.


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5 responses to “He makes my kids look really good.

  1. Jessica

    Yes, you are lucky.

    Too bad we don’t live anywhere near Cali!

  2. Paula

    he is so good! is he expensive?

  3. So beautiful! Those are definitely frame-worthy photos.

  4. Lisa, I am honored! Thanks so much for your kind words! No, Paula, I’m not expensive. I just love capturing and creating beautiful images… 🙂

  5. Lisa Wuertz

    Of course John! You are awesome. Also, a mom on the Ventura County AP moms group was looking for a photog and I recommended you. 😉

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