Bean – month seventeen

Bean is seventeen months old today.

New words (mostly for my own documentation): I know, doll, hot, night night, Ee nn (Ethan), beans, TV, fish, all done, Mommy (Yeah, I’m not sure when she started calling me Mommy versus Mama or where she learned it, but she does it sometimes), mine, nose, eat, socks, belly, ball, bottle, juice, she recognizes and can say the letter b, she also recognizes the insect bee (which obviously sounds the same).

 And then some pictures from this past month:


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2 responses to “Bean – month seventeen

  1. Kourtni

    Is that Organic Gorilla Munch in her snack cup?? Looks familiar and it’s G’s fave! 😉

    She is so good at her words!! G is 15 months and the only things she says are “No”, “Uh uh”, “Uh oh”, and obviously Mama, Dada. She tries to say shoes, but it comes out “Shsss”. lol

    Bean is so pretty.

  2. lwuertz

    Yes it is. Bean never turns down Gorillia Munch. 🙂

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