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Can you tell he’s smiling? Because he is.

To quote Lorie, “He really does adore his brother. Even if it is a fierce, loveyoutodeath, kind of adoring.”

Yep. That’s what we’ve got going on around here. A whole lot of it.

She loves to hold his hand.

Bean still has the misconception that a kiss means you lean your head in real close and that it has nothing to do with your lips. So when I tell her to give Sprout a kiss, this is what happens:

And yes, after seeing these photos I simultaneously melted from the cuteness and freaked out a bit when I realized how precarious a position Sprout is in with his big sister holding the musical instrument beater stick thing just inches from his head.

Oh and please don’t judge my daughter’s ensemble (Morgan), all I can say is that Stephen dressed her.

Pink goes with pink. Or something like that.


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Fish and Vegetable Packets

This is super easy and healthy and yummy. My daughter even ate her veggies when I made this.

-Fillets of white fish. I used wild caught Alaskan Cod that I picked up in the freezer section at TJs.
-2 tbsp orange juice
-1 bag fresh cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots (also from TJs)
-olive oil

Preheat oven to 450.

Lay out some foil large enough to make a packet around all your ingredients.

Place veggies on foil. Drizzle with olive oil and orange juice, season with salt.

Place fish on top. Season with salt, pepper and dill.

Close up foil around your pile of ingredients.

Place in oven for 20 minutes.


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Sprout – month one

Our dear little Sprout is a whole month old today. Despite all my complaining lately, I love this little boy more than words can express. Here are some of the things that I like right now:

-The way he laughs himself awake. He’s done it several times now. He’ll be totally dead asleep, starts smiling which progresses to a full on laugh and he laughs so loud and hard that he wakes himself up. It is cute and hilarious.

-How for the most part he only wakes up once or twice a night to be fed.

-How he usually naps at the same time as his sister which allows me some sanity and time to myself in the afternoon.

-His chubby little hands.

-The cheeks.

-All of the great hair he has.

-A baby that actually likes to snuggle with me because Bean is becoming more and more independent lately. The other night when Stephen put her to bed she actually said,”No!” and ran away when he told her to come give me a hug and kiss goodnight.

-The way he looks up at me with his big grey-blue eyes.


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The following happened in the last four hours…

Wakened by screaming.

Fed boy.

He began choking and gagging. Milk came out his nose.

Spit up all over me. He fell asleep.

I changed shirts.

Changed Bean’s diaper.

Folded laundry.

Made myself some breakfast.

Ate breakfast.

Boy awake and screaming again.

Fed him. More spit up all over me.

Changed our clothes again.

Boy put in bouncy seat.

I shot in manual and actually felt confident doing it because I got a little photography lesson from my friend last night and thought I’d try out what I learned.

“Don’t push on your brother.”

“Be gentle with your brother.”

“You can’t get into the bouncy seat with your brother.”

“You have to be gentle with your brother.”

“Stop touching your brother’s face.”

“Be gentle with your brother.”

“Don’t poke him in they eye.”

“Get out of the bouncy seat.”

“Don’t lean on the seat.”


Brother spits up all over the bouncy seat and is now awake.

Feed him again. He spits up all over himself and me.

I am beginning to wonder how much milk is actually staying in his stomach.

Change outfits again.

Stephen arrives with another apartment load. Feeds Bean some lunch.

Boy needs diaper change. In the middle of the change a poop eruption shoots across the room hitting the toddler bed, two baskets of clean clothes, the floor, and various items on the changing table.

Massive clean up begins during which boy gives me a golden shower.

Poop is cleaned from various surfaces and clothing is put into laundry.

Boy goes into bath. Screaming fit ensues.

Get him clean, dried, diapered and dressed. Feed him again.



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Two peas in a pod

I was looking at the pictures from today and in one of them Sprout totally reminded me of a picture of Bean from week three. So I cropped and put them side by side… I think they look alike, do you?


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The stuff of life

I’m eating pizza as I type this because the exact contents of my fridge are as follows: apple juice, orange juice, Jillian’s special non-dairy milk concoction, what’s left of a gallon jug of 2% milk, Brita water pitcher, tupperware of frozen Bean and Kale soup (best soup ever, you must try it) that I’m planning on defrosting for dinner tonight, 2 sourdough bread bowls that I picked up at Panera today for tonight’s dinner, a six pack of Coca-Cola. I have not been grocery shopping since the weekend before last and most of our food is still over at the apartment.

Last night when Stephen got home, I declared that getting up a gate to block off the kitchen was a top priority because Bean was driving me nuts emptying out every single drawer and cupboard. She was chewing on the items and dragging them all over the house. Hello extra load of dishes. I also pointed out that it was impossible to for me to do laundry due to the triple sliding door laundry hiding system that does not slide, or look pretty (um, gaudy 80s gold tracks and door frames anyone?) and blocks the door to the dryer.

So we made a trip to Target to get supplies for the laundry area problem.

My husband tends to be a slow decision maker, especially on house stuff, so we were there until 9:30pm while he tried to decide on curtain rods. Luckily, I had already picked out the curtains online before we went or we might still be there. I actually wound up going out to the car and letting him make the final decision because Sprout was hungry.

When we got home we put both kids to bed (following a screaming fit from Sprout that was remedied with Gripe Water, my new BFF). Amazingly, Sprout went a whole 8 hour stretch between feedings. He didn’t wake back up until 5:30 this morning!

Stephen had taken the doors off the laundry/water heater area last night. We were not able to get a gate up or the curtains up before bed so the plan, in order to keep Bean away from the water heater and out of the kitchen today was to spend the morning at the park and library.

Which we did. Then I went to our old apartment (where we still have quite of few items that have not made it over here yet) to get the soup out of the freezer and Panera to get some bread bowls for the soup.

I was acosted in the parking lot by a greasy magazine salesman. I swear I must have “gullable, will listen to any sales pitch” written all over my face. I always get stopped by people like that or by those Dead Sea mud people in the mall. Finally got away from him after his 15 minute routine.

Bean fell asleep on the two minute car ride home. I should have just gone inside our house, grabbed a book or my knitting and hung out in the car to let them sleep. Of course I did not do this. Bean then spent the next three hours not napping before I finally remembered that the pacifier is my other BFF, went in her room, gave it to her, layed her back down and she went back to sleep.

So I’ve had the last hour with both kids asleep and Sprout is going on four hours of being asleep. Yay!

I snapped these pictures this morning before we headed out to the park and library.

Not super great, but not bad either. I think I definitely need to take another look at my photography book because I’ve forgotten all about the settings again and these were the only three of 117 photos I took this morning that were not completely blurry.


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“Sounds like my morning, minus the urinating.”

It all started at 1am. After a nice four hour stretch, Sprout decided thereafter that he needed to wake up and be fed just about every hour. I think there is a growth spurt at three weeks if I remember correctly, but it didn’t stop me from muttering in exasperation at 6:30am, “Every hour! Really!? I’m just. so. exhausted!” By 8:30am when Bean’s laughter, singing and animal noises were no longer enough to keep her entertained and had instead turned into whining and cries for, “Nummy-nummy,” I realized any hope of meaningful sleep really had escaped me. So I was up.

Even though I was quite grumpy about it, it is hard to remain so when upon entering her room with Sprout in my arms I am enthusiastically greeted with a cheerful face and exclamations of, “Bebe! Bebe!”

Bean has become more and more interested in and concerned with her little brother of late. If he is crying and I can’t get to him right away she goes over to him with a very concerned look about her, sometimes she’ll try to pat his back or tummy and then proceeds to look at me with a very serious, “Aren’t you going to do something about this?” expression on her face. When I have him out in the swing or on a blanket, she parades around him pointing and saying, “Bebe,” or trying to point out the body parts on him that she knows the names for such as hair, ear, toes and eyes.

We’ve figured out that Sprout likes to be in a more upright sitting position and prefers bouncing to swinging. So yesterday I had scoped out some chairs at Target and talked over their prices and features with Stephen that night. I had decided on one after our discussion and planned to get it in the morning before the kids’ appointment with the pediatrician. The appointment was on the cusp of Bean’s naptime so I didn’t want to go afterwards.

There really wasn’t much to eat in the house except cereal, but we ran out of paper bowls yesterday and the regular ones are all packed because we are moving this weekend (crazy, I know because, hello, we just had a baby, but our lease was up and we didn’t want to keep living here anymore and we found a place in a better area that is cheaper and had a garage). So I packed up the diaper bag with diapers for each kid, my wallet and breakfast goods for Bean before heading over to Panera to get something for myself.

Ever the charmer, Bean quickly won over the affections of a really interesting couple in the next booth. She’s a former opera singer from Israel and he was from Australia. They had the most lovely accents. Bean kept flirting with them through the whole meal.

We made it to Target after that. I opened Sprout’s door, put on my sling and as I went to lift him into it I discovered that his pants leg felt warm and squishy. Gross. Because I very rarely have blowouts with cloth diapers, I of course had not packed a second outfit for my boy. So, I opened up the back hatch to the van, got set up for a diaper change and then delved into a very, very disgusting diaper and clothing situation. I used every single wash cloth I had and it still wasn’t completely enough. Luckily Sprout was wearing a jacket and I did have the sling so he was covered enough that I could still head into Target without feeling weird about my mostly naked baby. Since I planned the Target trip with just enough time for Target and then to head straight to the pediatrician’s office, I was going to have to get Sprout something to wear in addition to wipes and the bouncy seat that was the whole reason for the Target trip in the first place.

I found a few cute options in the clearance section including a vintage-y looking Star Wars onesie and a Dodgers outfit. Got wipes from the diapers and wipes aisle to further take care of cleanup when we got back to the van. Then I headed to the aisle where they had the seats. Of course, just my luck, yesterday they had two of the seats that I wanted and today both were gone. I thought about asking if they had anymore in the back, but really didn’t have the time for them to figure it out and so I decided against it. I went back and forth on whether or not to get a Bumbo instead, but decided that $40 for just a plain seat that really doesn’t do anything was not worth it.

So I left Target $20 poorer and headed back out to my van where I proceeded to dress my son and finish cleaning up his minor explosion.

Then it was on to the pediatrician’s office. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this yet, but since our last appointment I changed pediatricians again. I just felt the last one had a personality that didn’t mesh well with mine and found it very hard to talk to her or have my opinions heard. So, while she did have some similar opinions as mine (homebirth is OK and breastfeeding is great), those we disagreed on (like the AAP vaccination schedule) I just couldn’t get my point across easily. This other doctor was also recommended to me by the same parenting group that recommended the other one as well as one of my real-life friends. We were able to get into his practice because of Sprout since he only accepts newborns and their siblings.

There were a ton of sick walk-ins when we got there so even though I was on time for my appointment I waited nearly half an hour past that time before getting called back. Got the kids undressed, weighed and measured. Bean is still “petite,” but moved up from the third to the fourth percentile. She managed to grow two inches (now 28 3/4″) and gain about a pound (now 19lbs 12oz) since her last checkup in September. Sprout, on the other hand, is in the 75th percentile, gaining three quarters of an inch (now 21 3/4″) and 17 ounces (now 10lbs) since birth.  

When the doctor came in to check them both out, Bean started crying and screaming as soon as the stethoscope touched her chest. He wanted to see her walk and said she pronates a bit (which I do too). Upon reaching the side of the room I was on, not being diapered or clothed and more than a little upset and stressed out, she grabbed onto my leg and started peeing on the floor next to me. Lovely.

He said we could go without the flu and MMR shots because of her egg allergy, but he did want her to get two other shots today as well as a TB test and another anemia test since she was slightly anemic at her last checkup. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to it though since now that she’s weaned it isn’t as easy to calm and comfort her and she was already really upset from the examination.

I did manage to get her calmed down during our conversation about shots, but then as soon as the doctor started examining Sprout and he started crying she lost it again. Usually when she cries she also says, “No!” or “Mama!” over and over again and we usually say something along the lines of, “I know sweetie, I’m sorry,” while we are trying to comfort her. Well, lately she has started saying, “I know, I know” over and over while she’s crying about something, parroting back what we usually say to her. It’s so sweetly sad. She picked up the doctor’s reflex hammer and became enthralled with it and calmed down on her own while her brother continued to be examined during which he also peed all over the examination table.

The doctor left the room, I quickly nursed Sprout a bit to calm him down and then got him dressed. The nurse came back in the room with Bean’s shots. I think the thing I hate most about shots is that the nurse usually needs your help as mom to hold down your child or hold their arm steady, etc. I’d honestly prefer it if they could spare an extra nurse to do all of that and then I could just give cuddles and loves afterwards instead of being associated with the pain, too. We found out right there that Bean is no longer anemic, which is good.

Afterwards when we got back to the waiting room, Bean whined when she tried to use the hand that got the finger prick for the anemia test to touch any toys and just about lost it when the band-aid on that finger came off, but was happy again when I put it back on. We made our way back out to the car. I put her in her seat and gave her the snack trap from earlier in the morning with the rest of her cereal and then went to the other side of the car to put Sprout in his seat. During which time, Bean dropped the snack trap so that it was wedged between her leg and her seat, but she would only be able to get it by picking it up with the hand that had been pricked. She also lost the band-aid again. So she started crying again. After buckling Sprout I went back over to her side of the car and placed the snack trap between her legs and convinced her that since her finger was no longer bleeding she didn’t really need the band-aid anymore.

Back to the front seat. Then a FedEx truck drives up and blocks me from getting out. Bean and Sprout start crying again because it has been far too long since we’ve been moving. So I pull out the iPod and blast Raffi’s “Down by the Bay” and everyone is happy again. The FedEx truck finally moves and we can pull out of our parking spot too.

Made it back home. Bean throws a fit when we get to the strip of grass that runs along the walkway to our apartment because I won’t let her sit in it (I never do because our neighbor has dog, even though we’re not supposed to have dogs in our complex, and he always takes it to do its business on that strip of grass). We finally get back inside after the tantrum. Sprout is asleep so I place him in the swing and proceed to fill Bean’s sippy cup with milk prior to her nap.

She gets mad and starts throwing another fit because I won’t give her the sippy before we get upstairs. Then when we get upstairs and she finishes the sippy she starts crying again because she’s finished it and she knows that means I’m going to put her in her crib. So I indulge her a little bit and keep rocking with her in the chair until she calms down. I get her into her bed and she closes her eyes immediately, exhausted from a stressful morning.

I realize I haven’t peed all morning and of course, just as I get into the bathroom Sprout goes from peacefully asleep to full blown hysterics in a matter of seconds. After I’m done I head back downstairs, pick him up and start nursing him while calling Stephen because I just needed to talk to him after all that. So, after I’m done telling him all about it he says, “Sounds like my morning, minus the urinating.” Things have been pretty stressful at work lately too because several projects they’ve been working on are coming to a close all at the same time.

This is what we keep telling ourselves: I wasn’t pregnant forever and just like that came to a close so will the other uncomfortable/painful/stressful things in our lives. We won’t have a colicky newborn forever, there won’t be nighttime feedings forever, the stressful projects at work are coming to a close and won’t go on forever, we won’t be moving forever, etc. Seasons come and go in our lives. God gives us strength, patience, grace, children that nap for 2-4 hours several days in a row, and anything else we need to get through them.


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