First finished knits of the year

A month ago my sister e-mails me because she found this cute little Etsy shop and wanted to get the shoes and hats with ears for her friends that are adopting a baby from Ethiopia, but could I please make them or something similar for her instead and I have a year or so because foreign adoption processes take a long time.

But of course. I had a similar cotton bootie pattern and hats with ears are easy peasy. Plus, how could I resist knitting something so cute? I could not.

Well, then this week she e-mails me again to inquire about the status of the project which I had not even started yet.

no rush but they just completed their home study – which is a super hard, super long packet and interview process and i’d love to give them to her to celebrate. i know you are crazy busy and have two kids now! omg thats nuts. so really no worries. I told her about them and she is pumped. I am so glad i have a knitter sister like you.

When my sister writes cute stuff like that I really cannot resist. Plus, I know from my sister-in-law’s experience how much work and huge binderfuls of paperwork goes into the adoptiong process and how big a deal these little milestones are. So, I did the only reasonable thing possible and almost immediately went to the store for yarn and started working so I could get them done by the end of the week. Because that is what sisters are for. Both projects were finished in 24 hours and later today they will be in the mail.

Have I mentioned how much I miss my sister? Because I do. A lot. This is the girl I used to share a bunkbed with and Oregon is freakin’ far away from Southern California people.

Pattern: Cotton Bootees from Easy Baby Knits by Claire Montgomerie
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton in Espresso
Needles: US 5
Modifications: Instead of making the t-bar a separate piece, I just attached the strap to the top middle of the bootee while I was knitting it by picking up a few stitches. Much easier and less ends to weave in and I think it looks better too because I did try the other way and then ripped it out.

Pattern: My own.
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton in Espresso and some unknown orange scrap wool I had in my stash.
Needles: US 5
Modifications: None.

And now I need to knit some for my little guy because he just looks so darn cute in them!



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3 responses to “First finished knits of the year

  1. um..i just died from the cuteness!

  2. Andrea

    I love love them! You got skillz sis! Paulas cute little email makes me miss her more than I already did!

  3. Paula

    i miss you too!!! so so bad. oregon is toooooooooo far. i want to live in california with you.

    luckily we will be coming in july/august and we plan to stay with you on the way to and from bakersfield – double whammy! with our favorite couple ๐Ÿ™‚ matt and stephen can sing and play video games, you and me can play house and cuddle babies! CANT wait.

    you are the bombest sister. thanks for making my friends’ adoption that much sweeter ๐Ÿ™‚

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