The adventurer.

This is a side of me I don’t often talk about, but there is a little adventurer in me. When the house becomes chaos and everyone is having a meltdown I like to just pack everyone up and drive.

Current favorites…

Decker Canyon

I normally do not like twisty-turny roads, especially as a passenger, but for some reason I’ve developed a love for them as driver. Actually, for the first time since I started driving when I was 18, I’m beginning to love driving in general. This particular road/canyon is my favorite right now I love it when you get to the peaks and you see the ocean going out before you for as far as you can see. I also like driving up PCH afterwards towards Pt. Mugu and seeing all the waves crash on the rocks.

Santa Barbara Zoo
It’s an hour away so its usually a good car nap for Bean followed by a fun activity. Here’s some pictures from when we went last week:

And today I drove two whole hours north and saw Morgan and the Doodle. It was really green and gorgeous. Both kids napped the whole way there and then we got to hang out for a bit. The drive back was pretty good too until right before Santa Barbara when everyone started melting down. But that meltdown led me to a cool little coastal access parking lot (that is free!) which had a sweet trail down to the beach that I now want to check out.

Being an adventurer is fun.


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  1. What an asset that is! I know for me, getting out- especially when fully consumed with taking care of little ones, really helps me get some perspective!

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