Spring Fashion Week!

So last fall, Emery participated in Fall Fashion Week and it was awesome. I was definitely jealous of all her cute clothes and outfits, but being huge and preggo there was no way I could pull them off.

Well, now Emery is hosting Spring Fashion Week over on her blog. However, once again my wardrobe is not really up to par. I think I have one or two spring outfits that I would be willing to put out there on my blog for the public to see. I don’t really want to do anything about my wardrobe yet because 1) my body is still doing the post-pregnancy and breastfeeding hormonal wonky thing and 2) as I said in Sprout’s two month post I really don’t think I own any clothing without a greasy spit-up stain somewhere on it. I’m thinking in about six months or so when I’m sure the spit-up business is over with and my body has decided to regulate out that I’ll be hitting up thrift stores, Target, the mall and fabric stores for a wardrobe makeover.

However, Bean has some really cute stuff. She just moved into her 18mo clothes. A lot of it is hand-me-downs from her sweet cousins “Lizzie” and “Half-Pint,” but there are some new things in there too. It’s been so fun getting her dressed lately and picking out different outfits. Basically, I get to live vicariously through my daughter’s wardrobe. So, I got permission from Emery and we will be participating in Spring Fashion Week with the little lady version of it over here. I’m so excited!

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