Bean at 18 months

I can’t believe I forgot to mention this yesterday (or, actually I can, you saw all that I’ve been up to), but it was Bean’s half birthday yesterday. She’s 18 months old now!

She is picking up on and learning SO MUCH stuff lately.

We’ll start of with her new words for the month: apple, cold, car, hello, kite, cupcake, bite, nana (banana), elbow, Elmo, naks (snacks), *Lizzie (*cousin’s name, but this is her mom’s alias for the Internet), tractor, taco, happy, pig, towel, backpack, ee i ee i oh, puppy, highchair, Bible, stuck, tights, knee, pants, plate, and (finally!) please.

It is so crazy how quickly she is getting words now and which ones she just picks up on.

She even puts concepts together sometimes, for example she’ll say key, car, go buh-bye, shoes or eat eat, apple, beans, nana.

She loves to do with me and loves to point out body parts. She also still really loves singing songs, especially movement songs. She loves to be read to and it seems like every night before bed she’s sneaking in more and more books. 😉

Then yesterday she started showing interest in the potty! I don’t know what to really think or do about this. Yesterday we basically did a bit of a form of “elimination communication”. She started to get the “poop face” and then ran to the bathroom door downstairs. I asked her if she was going and if she wanted to go in the potty and she nodded. So I stripped her down and she finished what she had started on the potty. This happened twice and then one time she just asked to sit on the potty, but as soon as I got her up there she did the sign for and said “all done” without actually doing anything. I don’t think she really likes being on our big potty though because she feels like she’s going to fall.

I am so not of the personality to just force potty training on her. Plus, I have SO MANY friends that have had such a hard time with this or have thought signs like this meant their child was totally ready only to wind up frustrated a few months later when their child regresses and is back in diapers. Plus, I don’t really want to make the investment in some wardrobe changes (about 75% of her current wardrobe is onesies, which wouldn’t really work with potty training for obvious reasons), training pants and a potty seat. Then there’s the whole problem of trying to do potty runs while I’m holding/nursing/burping a baby. But then, am I just holding her back? Agh!

She’s become quite the climber. She’s figured out how to climb up on her rocking horse and ride it, climb into brother’s bouncy seat, the swing, and her walker. She also tries to climb up on the steps on the outside of the railing sometimes and any step stools we have around the house (hint, I’m short so there are lots).

Well anyway, that about sums things up for the month.

I’ll leave you with the many faces of Bean. She has the best, most expressive face I think. I just love it.


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5 responses to “Bean at 18 months

  1. Andrea

    Haha I love all the different facial expressions together! With the potty training I think just wait & if she conitinues to show interst then invest the effort 🙂

  2. Kourtni

    The second and third pics are my faves!! She DOES have awesome expressions!!! She’s precious. And potty training…. hold off as long as you can. I had no pressure to potty train Logan because none of my friends had kids when he was that age, so I just kind of let him decide when he was ready. He was almost 3 years old and it took 2 days and that kid NEVER had an accident. Not one single time. Easy easy easy. Juliet was another story. EVERYONE had babies and EVERYONE was determined to potty train right at 2 years old. So I felt the pressure to do it too and it took FOREVER. She wasn’t ready, we were both frustrated… accidents for almost a year, bedwetting for almost 2 years… a disaster. I’m determined to wait with G and do it when she is actually ready. That’s my 2 cents for what it’s worth. lol

  3. Oh I love those photos! She is just the cutest cutest!!

  4. ashley

    third down in the pink sleeper– best ever!

  5. Love her faces! Wow, she must make you laugh all day long with those! I love her little itty bitty pony tail.

    If she wants to use the potty, let her. But yeah, don’t force her to or worry about trying to start official training. Her interest may be short lived, but you never know, she might just train early on. Follow her cues and let her try if she says she wants to. But don’t start running her to the bathroom every 15 minutes against her will. Keep doing what you’re doing, asking her if she wants to go when you can tell she has the “poop face” but let her decide if she wants to go or not.

    My youngest sister was 22 months when she told my parents she needed to go potty. They hadn’t tried training her yet so they didn’t know what to think, but my dad took her to the bathroom. She didn’t go. Then a few minutes later, she said she had to go again. They reluctantly took her but she did it! My mom said she was potty trained from then on without any effort on their part. So maybe Bean will have a story like that. My mom said all 3 of us girls were completely trained around 2 with no problems and we were all cloth diapered. I think cloth diapered kids catch on earlier since they feel wet unlike kids in super absorbent disposables.

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