Spring Fashion Week – Wednesday

Hat – Me
Foxy Girl Onesie – Handmedown, fairly certain it’s from Target
Denim/floral skirt – Handmedown that I actually purchased for my niece a couple years ago 😉
Shoes – LittleStar/Target, purchased new

This morning while Sprout napped, Bean and I did an activity from our preschool book about lids. She learned about matching lids and “off” and “on”. We also played with some dried beans. She had a ton of fun. I’m trying to make sure I do more activities with her while Sprout is sleeping (a lot!) so that she feels she gets sufficient Mama time and stops being so jealous. Hoping it improves her behavior and interactions with Sprout in general. It does seem to be working a bit. Plus it’s fun to learn!


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8 responses to “Spring Fashion Week – Wednesday

  1. She is ADORABLE. And that hat is insanely cute. Do you sell them???

  2. Isn’t that book the best? I love it and Will is always so stoked when I tell him we’re going to “do school”. 😀

  3. She looks adorable! I love her hat. I can’t wait for a little girl (one day) so I can buy pretty little hats like this.

  4. GrandmaTiger

    Nursing time was always story time when you and your sisters were little. I’d have whichever baby sister was youngest at the time on my lap, and you would go get a book ( a board book with P, progressively “bigger kid” books as you got older with successive sisters), sit next to me on the couch, and I would read the story while you flipped the pages. I made dramatic scary voices and sound effects to go with the story – (Rawrrrr said the Big Bad Wolf, I will HUFFF and PUFFFF And BLOWWWWW( and I’d blow in your face!) your house DOWN!) You loved it, so did the rest as they joined in, sometimes even the “baby” if she was old enough to get some of the words would laugh and giggle around the nipple, blowing milky bubbles….It became one of our “special time” rituals.

  5. You MADE that hat?!?! It’s so incredibly adorable!

  6. LOVE the beanie! So adorable 🙂

  7. You MADE that hat?! That’s amazing! Do you sell them online somewhere?

  8. Once again the educator in me LOVES it!!!! She is going to be so ready for school it’s going to be ridiculously beautiful!!

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