Spring Fashion Week – Friday

In which almost all of us participate (Stephen was at work)…

*I have trouble making my face look right when I am taking pictures of myself. So I just did this. Blerg.

-Magenta Nursing Tank: Target
-Tank top:AE
-Cardi: Target
-Jeans: Really old GAP ones
-Socks: Also really old GAP ones
-Bronze Flats: Target (Sister got them for all her bridesmaides, best bridesmaid shoes ever)
-Necklace: ??? It’s a couple years old, got it at the mall in Bako, I remember that much.

-Shirt: Baby Boden, Christmas Gift
-Pants: Handmedowns from one of our little buddies, I think they are babyGAP
-Socks: Okie Dokie by JC Penney, best baby socks ever, the only ones that stay on my kids’ little feet.

-Owl and Kitten Shirt: Baby Boden, another Christmas Gift
-Denim skirt: handmedown from Target
-Tights: handmedown from Gymboree
-Boot: handmedown from Target



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4 responses to “Spring Fashion Week – Friday

  1. your little ones are too cute.

    and that necklace is sooo sweet!

  2. Those two tops together are PERRRFECT! Especially with the grey cardi! But oh, my goodness, that necklace is the BEST!

  3. lovely necklace, and i love those flats!!!

  4. Sprout has the cutest faces EVER!!! He is just such a character filled little man, I love it!!

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