April 2010 recap

Since I didn’t do a very good update on us post for Sprout’s third month and I completely skipped Bean’s nineteenth month, I figured one big post for the month would be good.


He can lift his head up pretty good now during tummy time.

He thinks Bean is hilarious and loves to watch her.

He’s a total thumb sucker.

He has small feet just like his sister.

He still spits up, projectiles it, all the time. When does it end?


Loves my old rocking horse and can get on and off all by herself and rock too.

Is starting to become more and more affectionate giving lots of kisses and hugs to us, “Bubba” and some of her toys.

We’ve tried potty training a few more times, but have tabled it for now after some meltdowns on her part.

Loves all my kitchen stuff and is constantly pulling it out to play with. If you ask her what she’s making the answer is always, “beans.”

She still loves reading and books. I basically read to her all day long.

She’s starting to put together simple phrases like, “Go buh-bye nn car” or “I vvoo you, nigh nigh” and “I see you”. She is a big time chatter box, but I don’t understand half of it.

She’s a climber. She’s figured out how to get into our big armchair by herself, she can squeeze through the bars of the stairs and go up them, she tries to climb in the tub, on the couch and up into her highchair, in cabinets, the glider, or anything else she can climb including me.

I catch her talking to herself and making faces at herself in the mirror in her room all the time. It’s pretty cute.

Dinner with Bean often exasperates me. I hate, hate, hate that she’s picky and sometimes won’t even eat stuff that I know she likes and has eaten lots of times before.

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One response to “April 2010 recap

  1. Sunny

    Such beautiful pictures of your little ones! Bean is so expressive. So sorry she’s picky. That is a rough stage. Sprout is getting so big! I hope the projectile spit up ends soon.

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