Lets compare.

Bean 15-16 weeks:

At this point she started rolling over and could sit up in the Boppy. She was also starting to notice her toys and play with them.

Sprout 15-16 weeks:

So far he doesn’t do any of that stuff, but he did get his first tooth in…


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2 responses to “Lets compare.

  1. Barbie

    WHATT?! His first tooth?! Why are our babies growing up so fast? Bittersweet. He’s precious.

  2. GrandmaTiger

    Each child has their own timeline. Each will develop in their own way. I used to get worried comparing various stages amongst you four, but you all eventually rolled over, sat up, crawled, walked, ran and were potty trained. Then suddenly you were all adults with families of your own!

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