Bean’s first Rollie Pollie collection

You may not be able to figure this out now when you look at us, but growing up my sisters and I were all a bunch of tomboys. Digging in the dirt, catching frogs, playing in “the forest” (a few trees on the side of our house), riding bikes, building forts with construction site scraps in our backyard, going on hikes in “the foothills” (a grassy slightly hilly area near our house), and climbing trees were all ingrained in my childhood.

Another big thing was rollie pollies. I have no idea why these things were so facinating or why we kept little colonies of them, but we did. As I’ve been pulling out the weeds in our garden the last few days I keep running across them. Bean has been “helping” me with the garden and so I put some rollie pollies in her bucket to see what she would do with them.

Some of you may think I’m weird and definitely not in the running for best mother of a girly girl award when you see these pictures, but for me they are like a flood of memories from my childhood being imparted to her.


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3 responses to “Bean’s first Rollie Pollie collection

  1. Andrea

    Ahh so cute I love it! Definitely brings back memories! Just looking at the pictures I remember the feeling of them running across your skin

  2. GrandmaTiger

    And I remember that the little boy next door (Jordan? Joshua?) learned about them and frogs from you all – and his mother NEVER forgave me! She had squeemish issues big time and had hoped he would never learn to be “boyish”. Oopps, sorry? LOL

  3. Paula

    i love her cute little chubby hands with the rollie pollies! and little yellow chucks. SOOOO cute. and i love that she is definitely part smith 🙂

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