Things I love right now…

Newborn-sized old man sweater I knit for Sprout that he outgrew very quickly and now doubles as a cute little cropped shrug for Bean.

Eczema wonder lotion. Put some on Bean around noon on Friday after our doctor’s appointment and her eczema was all cleared up that afternoon. It got a little red again on Saturday, but another application and she was fine.

Butter crock that I got this morning at Sur La Table.

Honey pot, also from Sur La Table (I actually went there to get a digital food scale for my bread baking and walked out with those two lovelies).

Cutest ceramic measuring spoons ever, just $2.99 from Cost Plus.

New cookbooks for Mother’s Day, thank you Mom and Stephen.

Giant lemons and oranges from my in-laws’ back yard.

Bean’s very own gardening tools and bag, thank you Dad.

And a certain 4 month old…

…who manages to be this happy despite those two little teeth you see coming up on the bottom.



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2 responses to “Things I love right now…

  1. Thanks for posting about the lotion. My daughter has eczema pretty bad, too, and I thought I’d tried about everything. The doctors tell me it’s related to her egg allergy. I will be buying some of the lotion tomorrow to see if it can help us, too. Thanks again!

  2. I think I love all of the things that you love!

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