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An Olive doll for a friend

One of the hardest things about leaving Bakersfield last year was leaving our community. We had a church that we both had basically grown up in with lots of people we loved and loved us.

It has been very challenging trying to figure out where we fit here and finding another community. I know that relationships take time to develop and didn’t expect it to happen overnight.

A few weeks ago Stephen’s sisters’s in laws invited us to the community group Bible study that they are apart of through their church. We did try a similar group that our church was hosting, but it was in Camarillo, had no childcare and sometimes went a little late into the night. It just wasn’t the best situation for our family. This new group has a wide variety of age groups and they have childcare during the study on site.

It has been so neat to become a part of a community again and meet some new friends. There are things we have in common like food allergies and things we don’t always agree on. The conversations can be passionate and they can be fun. We’ve been welcomed in immediately. We’ve had playdates, barbecues, pot lucks, and sporting events to go to with them.

Today we have a birthday party for one of the little girls in the group that is turning one. So, I decided to make her an Olive doll. I did most of the sewing while the kids were napping, well not so much Sprout he chilled out in the Boppy to watch. Yesterday Bean helped me stuff her and she’s all ready to go.


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Don’t turn your back…

…while the veg monster is on the loose. If you leave your CSA veg out, they may disappear into the depths of her belly.

When we came into the house yesterday after picking up our CSA veg, I needed to check my messages on the computer really quick because I was waiting for one from somebody. So I set the bag of veg down by the fridge and let the kids play for a few minutes before I was going to make dinner. Next thing I know Bean is trying to shove a carrot in Sprout’s mouth while chopping on one herself. Because these things were straight from the farm she basically had a mud pie on her face and dress. She didn’t want to give up that carrot though so I cleaned it, peeled it and let her munch on it the rest of the night until we got to Bible study and the host family’s dog decided it wanted the remnants.

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Four Eyes

Last night at Bible study Bean made herself a pair of glasses like Mama wears with a pipe cleaner. I kind of helped her reform them into a more glasses like shape. She found them this morning and was being goofy with them again.

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Bean – 21 months

Things I love about you right now:

-You love to help out. I try to let you help out when I can in the kitchen and the garden. Sometimes it isn’t always helpful, but I love that you try.

Handing Papa a guitar pick.

Dusting his guitar pedals.

-You sing about everything. I think my dad and sister were quite surprised over Father’s Day weekend when you were singing about the sausage you were having for dinner that night. Your current favorite song is “Jesus Loves Me”, which you sing, “Jesus Bible”.

Singing to your brother.

-Hats are your new favorite thing. Baseball hats in particular. You also like to wear them backwards. I am not sure where you picked this up from because we never wear our hats like this.

Quite possibly the cutest little Dodgers fan.

-You are super loving and affectionate. You always give lots of kisses and hugs. You want to sit on our laps and be held more now.

Hugs for your brother.

Kisses for your brother.


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Things I am thinking.

-As much as blogging can be an outlet for me and a place to share, sometimes it seems like work. Sometimes I worry that I don’t post enough. Sometimes I worry that I’m not doing my “job” and keeping our family/friends updated.

-I worry that people get the impression from these posts that I do everything all the time. That I am the perfect mother. That I never lose my temper and yell at my toddler. That our house is always clean. This is not the case. There are dust bunnies everywhere both physically and metaphorically speaking.

-Does anybody even read this anymore? Because I hardly ever get comments anymore so that is what it seems like.

-I feel like despite my imperfections, that the last few months I’ve really started to come into my own as a person and a mother. I feel comfortable with where I am at and where I am going. I feel good about what I am doing. I don’t feel as judgy of other people and I don’t feel like I need to compare myself constantly to what they are doing. I do what is working for me and for our family. I think that is all that matters. When people (mostly my sister) come to me for advice I’ve given out some that surprises even me because I know that their situation is different and something that I wouldn’t necessarily do might work for them.

-A year ago I felt really lost, lonely and I was basically freaking out. I am so far from that now. However, it has opened my eyes to other people in similar situations. I’ve figured out that stay at home moms have really hard jobs and can be really lonely a lot of the time. Especially shy or socially awkward people like myself. I want to help these people. I’m not sure how yet.

-When I am out and about and I see a pregnant woman with a toddler, I get ridiculously excited that it isn’t me.

-I’m designing a knitting project right now and hope to share it soon.

-I’ve been working on a post in my head about how I make eating good food work for us and what our routine looks like throughout the week.

-Last night I did the grocery shopping by myself. This may save my sanity. I don’t think I ever want to grocery shop with both babies again. I got it all done in record time without screaming, having to take a nursing break or ruining a nap. I think I may schedule night grocery shopping with Stephen from now on.


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I don’t suck at farming afterall

About a month ago the first sprouts from my garden came up. It was the peas and I was super excited. Then we went down south for a three day weekend. It was hot here and they shriveled up and died. Also, none of my other seeds ever sprouted.

I was sad. I decided to buy a few already established plants.

Being that my (slightly sarcastic) ten year plan involves moving to Oregon and having a farm, I started to question whether this plan of mine was even possible. I mean if I can’t even keep my garden alive or grow anything then I probably won’t do so well as a farmer. Does this mean I should take this idea off my “bucket list” and life goals? Hmm.

So then when cousin Morgan was down we were all talking about our gardening woes and she mentioned that she had read you shouldn’t plant until your weather is firmly in the 50s at night. I got a little hopeful. Maybe it just wasn’t warm enough for my stuff to start growing yet. We have had quite a bit of June Gloom (which I totally LOVE, btw). Right after that it started being kind of “hot” again and then all my seeds started sprouting like crazy.

I am super excited now. I can’t wait to start harvesting things from my garden.

Everything is coming up so fast! The pole bean sprout in the front was the same size as the one in the back and just barely out of the soil the day before. Now look how tall it is overnight!

I sprouted some more peas and they are doing great.

This cilantro is from the dollar section at Target.

I bought this bell pepper plant at Whole Foods.

I bought this tomato plant at Whole Foods too and it already has some flowers on it.

I’ve got a sprout in every seed variety now.


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Sprout – month five

Dear Sprout,

You are five months old today. What? Where did that time go? I’m not sure.

At five months you:

-You are just a happy guy. Your giggles fill our home and we love it.

-Have five teeth poking thru (you can really only see three). Go figure. You don’t bite during nursing though so it’s all good. You actually handle teething very well compared to your sister. If it is really bad you might fuss a bit or not nap, but some teething tabs or Ibuprofin usually take care of that.

-Knees? What are those? Yours got lost somewhere in those rolls. You are still thriving solely on Mama Milk. You have shown no interest in big people food unlike your sister who was ready to go at it around 4 months and we waited until 5 months to start it for her. I did get you a high chair though so that you can sit with us at the table for meals. You seem to like it and being up high where you can see everything that is going on.

-At your last doctor appointment you were 25 1/4in long, weighed in at 15lbs 4oz, and your head circumference was 16 7/8in which makes you about average (55th percentile) except for your head which is a little bigger than most (in the 70th percentile).

-You still flail your arms about quite a bit and don’t seem to have the best control over them, but your control has improved enough that you can now suck your thumb while sitting up. You love your thumb. You love it so much that you even try to sneak it in there when we are nursing. I often have to hold your hands down so it doesn’t happen.

-Now that you no longer have the very strong startle reflex and you can roll from belly to back, you have decided that you prefer sleeping on your back or side.

We just love you chunkster. Can’t get enough!


Mama (Papa and Sissy)


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