Recycled Shirt Dress

When it comes to clothes, my husband loves a good button up shirt. His uniform: button up shirt with jeans or slacks depending on the situation. And get this: he actually loves to dress up. Back in Bakersfield when we still had our two dogs (I sure miss those guys!), I’d get home and practically be shedding my dressy work clothes as I walked in the house. Stephen would lounge around in his. Then when we’d get ready to head over to the dog park (you were wondering why I mentioned the dogs back there, weren’t you?) with our other Beagle loving friends and I’d suggest he change into something more comfortable or appropriate for the dog park he’d always say that he was comfortable and stay in his work clothes. The only one at the dog park not wearing jeans and t-shirt. My friend Megan, would say, “Why are you always so dressed up?”

Banana Republic shirts are some of my husband’s favorites. In fact he has worn a couple of them so much that he recently wore out the elbows.

I hated to throw away so much great fabric so I’ve been keeping them around thinking I’d turn them into a quilt for Sprout maybe (yeah, right after I finish that quilt I started for Bean over a year ago!). Well, then one of the ladies at my Bible study randomly brought me a copy of the March 2010 edition of Martha Stewart Living which has a whole article on ideas for recycling a man’s button up shirt. Yay!

One of the projects just happens to be a really cute shirt dress for a 4-6 year old girl. I had to make one for Bean of course! Some slight alterations of the pattern made it 18-24 month size very easily.

Overall this was probably on of the easiest and quickest projects I have ever done. Martha’s dress was pretty plain, so I decided to add a few embellishments and details of my own to make it super cute: I changed out the buttons, embroidered some flannel birdy fabric on it and added a ribbon tie. I also sewed down the length of the button band so there would not be any gaping.

Love! Love! Love!



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7 responses to “Recycled Shirt Dress

  1. This is absolutely adorable!! Between you and my other friend I have GOT to learn to sew!!

  2. Andrea

    Omg Lisa how do you come up with this stuff always so stinkin cute! Seriously how did I get so jipped on the creative gene???

  3. Paula

    omg lis! this is so freaking cute! etsy shop??

  4. This is SO cute!!! I think I’m going to attempt this for Maddie too. Love it!

  5. Morgan

    Ack! I saw this on her website and thought it was so adorable. It then prompetly left my mind and hasn’t returned until this post…hooray! I’m totally going to make some for the Doodle…(can you make me a copy of the instructions incase I can’t find it online anymore?) Thanks!

  6. Lisa Wuertz

    They don’t have the actual directions in the magazine. It is all online. So, just go to to get the PDF with the shirt dress pattern. 🙂

  7. OK, that is a great way to use a shirt! It turned out so nice. She looks adorable!

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