I don’t suck at farming afterall

About a month ago the first sprouts from my garden came up. It was the peas and I was super excited. Then we went down south for a three day weekend. It was hot here and they shriveled up and died. Also, none of my other seeds ever sprouted.

I was sad. I decided to buy a few already established plants.

Being that my (slightly sarcastic) ten year plan involves moving to Oregon and having a farm, I started to question whether this plan of mine was even possible. I mean if I can’t even keep my garden alive or grow anything then I probably won’t do so well as a farmer. Does this mean I should take this idea off my “bucket list” and life goals? Hmm.

So then when cousin Morgan was down we were all talking about our gardening woes and she mentioned that she had read you shouldn’t plant until your weather is firmly in the 50s at night. I got a little hopeful. Maybe it just wasn’t warm enough for my stuff to start growing yet. We have had quite a bit of June Gloom (which I totally LOVE, btw). Right after that it started being kind of “hot” again and then all my seeds started sprouting like crazy.

I am super excited now. I can’t wait to start harvesting things from my garden.

Everything is coming up so fast! The pole bean sprout in the front was the same size as the one in the back and just barely out of the soil the day before. Now look how tall it is overnight!

I sprouted some more peas and they are doing great.

This cilantro is from the dollar section at Target.

I bought this bell pepper plant at Whole Foods.

I bought this tomato plant at Whole Foods too and it already has some flowers on it.

I’ve got a sprout in every seed variety now.


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3 responses to “I don’t suck at farming afterall

  1. This is awesome!! You know, I’m seeing more and more of my friends and family starting these great little gardens. Another reason why I need a flipping house already!

  2. Lisa Wuertz

    You could do a container garden! We don’t have a house, just a townhome with a smallish patio area surrounded by flowerbeds. I’ve done a garden every place I’ve lived, even our first apartment. I actually like growing useful things amongst the flowers better than one of those huge, traditional row type gardens.

  3. I’m glad it is growing! I can only imagine how sad it must have been when you thought nothing was going to come of your efforts. You’ll be having quite the harvest soon. 🙂 Yum!

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