Bean – 21 months

Things I love about you right now:

-You love to help out. I try to let you help out when I can in the kitchen and the garden. Sometimes it isn’t always helpful, but I love that you try.

Handing Papa a guitar pick.

Dusting his guitar pedals.

-You sing about everything. I think my dad and sister were quite surprised over Father’s Day weekend when you were singing about the sausage you were having for dinner that night. Your current favorite song is “Jesus Loves Me”, which you sing, “Jesus Bible”.

Singing to your brother.

-Hats are your new favorite thing. Baseball hats in particular. You also like to wear them backwards. I am not sure where you picked this up from because we never wear our hats like this.

Quite possibly the cutest little Dodgers fan.

-You are super loving and affectionate. You always give lots of kisses and hugs. You want to sit on our laps and be held more now.

Hugs for your brother.

Kisses for your brother.


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3 responses to “Bean – 21 months

  1. That first picture, wow, Bean’s hair is getting longer and it is very blonde. I love the pictures of her loving on her brother. Very, very special pictures you’ll treasure forever!

  2. These are such sweet pictures!! I love those two babies!

  3. oh my gosh, these pictures are so so precious!! They are so sweet together, you should be such a proud mama! 😀 ❤

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