Don’t turn your back…

…while the veg monster is on the loose. If you leave your CSA veg out, they may disappear into the depths of her belly.

When we came into the house yesterday after picking up our CSA veg, I needed to check my messages on the computer really quick because I was waiting for one from somebody. So I set the bag of veg down by the fridge and let the kids play for a few minutes before I was going to make dinner. Next thing I know Bean is trying to shove a carrot in Sprout’s mouth while chopping on one herself. Because these things were straight from the farm she basically had a mud pie on her face and dress. She didn’t want to give up that carrot though so I cleaned it, peeled it and let her munch on it the rest of the night until we got to Bible study and the host family’s dog decided it wanted the remnants.

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One response to “Don’t turn your back…

  1. bandofbrothers

    haha, that’s cute. i was a veggie monster as a kid. after dinner i would get on the table and scoop everyone’s leftover veggies into my mouth with my index finger.

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