My milk is fattier than a cow’s

Bean at 5 months

Sprout at 5 months

People comment and ask about the rolls and cheeks on these two all the time. Want to know where they come from? Check it:

On the left we have the raw, unhomogenized milk that comes from grass fed cows and on the right we have my milk. The cream lines are denoted with permanent marker lines on the bottles for extra clarity since the contrast in the photos isn’t super evident. I suppose for more scientific accuracy I should have put some of the cow milk in a Madela bottle.

Most pumped breastmilk I have seen from other moms (which I haven’t seen a huge amount) has a cream line much thinner than what you see in the above picture, we’re talking maybe half a centimeter at the most, usually much less than that.

So there you have it. That is why my kids have so many rolls, pudge and those puffy, soft, munchable cheeks.


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4 responses to “My milk is fattier than a cow’s

  1. LOL. More fat means more cholesterol, which means more smarty-pants brain tissue for those babes of yours!! My milk was full of fat, too, which is why my kiddos are so brilliant. 😉 The baby fat didn’t last long … it went straight to their heads!

  2. Juani

    Well,I hope that my breastmilk will be like yours someday,because your kids are beyond adorable!

  3. Sprout has sooo much personality!! I love how it looks like he’s playing the guitar.

  4. Wow, that is amazing! Mine always looked so watery and thin. It was definitely more like skim milk. Love the pictures of your cute, chubby babies!

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