Bumps and bruises, cuddles and kisses

Sprout got himself wedged under the couch this morning.

Bean took a tumble in the garden that required bandaids for both of her boo-boos and her doll.

There was some major sibling love.

These two melt my heart.



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6 responses to “Bumps and bruises, cuddles and kisses

  1. They are so precious! Bean looks like she adores her little brother. They are going to be best friends. Love it! When Sprout is a little older, I can pretty much guarantee you that people will start thinking you have twins. Strangers think MY kids are twins even though they are obviously different heights.

  2. Lisa Wuertz

    Oh Sunny, they already do! People seriously ask me all the time if they are twins. One time a lady was going to say it, but then caught herself and I don’t think she realized she was saying what she was thinking out loud, “No, that one is walking and talking. Couldn’t be.”

  3. Paula

    oh my word! this is the cutest thing EVER.

  4. Sweet blog. 🙂 Love that pic of Sprout. It’s so cute…that kid cracks me up! Nice to see that him and Bean love on each other so much.

  5. Great pic of Sprout under the couch! He’s gotta be the cutest baby boy in about 8 years! 😉

  6. bandofbrothers

    your babies are just darling!

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