Attachment Dog Parenting

Yesterday we went to the mall. Our mall has a store called BarkWorks that has puppies for sale and lots of dog accessories like clothes, collars, etc. for the extra special pampered pooch.

As we were walking around the store something caught my eye…

That’s right people, they are now making slings for dogs.

So then last night I had this dream that The Today Show did a whole segment on “Attachment Dog Parenting” and they were featuring products to help dog owners in this endeavor like the dog sling. They were even marketing nursing tanks and special lactation supplements so that dog owners could nurse their dogs.

They even were interviewing Dr. Sears to ask him what he thought of this new trend.

When I woke up I was laughing so hard that I decided this would make a worthy post.


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4 responses to “Attachment Dog Parenting

  1. GrandmaTiger

    Ah yes, puppies – the new children. Poor little dogs are getting so messed up mentally being treated this way, it is just too too sad.

  2. Jill

    Funny, just today I saw a lady pushing her dog in an (expensive) baby stroller, and was taking it into all the stores with her. I wanted to stop her and let her know that her baby seemed quite hairy, but didn’t want to ruin her day!

  3. ROFL Why have kids when you can just have dogs!?

  4. That is hysterical! I’m not an animal lover so I really don’t get this treat your pet as a child thing.

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