Sprout – month seven

Yesterday Sprout hit the 7 month mark. We went to Santa Barbara with my sister to hang out and relax. We also took pictures of our boys.

At seven months:
-You are a teething machine. All eight front teeth have come in and you are now working on your one year molars on the left side of your mouth. As such, it is nearly impossible to get a picture of you without your hands or some object in your mouth.

-You can sit up really well now.

-You are pretty close to crawling. It should happen any day now.

Sometimes you get really frustrated by not being about to crawl, other times you just roll around the room and are perfectly content. It will come soon.

-You are still a big chunk and still can’t handle solid foods. Pediatrician still says I shouldn’t be worried, so I’m not.

-You are super sweet and such a happy baby. We love you to pieces.


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3 responses to “Sprout – month seven

  1. Paula

    FIRST thot: holy cow, didnt this JUST happen?! where does the time go?

    SECOND: i LOVE that you do this every month with the two boys! It makes it all the more exciting and I love having the pictures lined up in my iphoto. please don’t stop. i cant wait til month 8/7.

    THIRD: you two are the most amazing mamas. so proud of you sis and all your love and good motherly nature.

  2. bandofbrothers

    he is so darling. your children are just edible!

  3. Juani

    Your boy is beyond adorable!He’s surely gonna charm the ladies bg time someday.

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