Bean turns two!

While in some respects it definitely seems like she is a typical two-year-old and that two years have indeed passed, in many other respects it really feels like this should be her first birthday. The last two years of my life have just felt like one big mashed up and fast year.

I’d like to say that I didn’t turn into a mom-zilla and that I handled the party planning and the birthday milestone with grace. That we did all her favorite things and it was the best weekend ever.

That would be looking at things with rose colored glasses though.

While we did manage to do and eat many of her favorite things this weekend, there were definitely some bumps in the road for me.

One of the high points: Bean eating one of her favorites for dinner on Friday night (her actual birthday).

Friday we took the day off from preschool so that I could run all the pre-party errands. By about 4:30pm I had completed pretty much everything, but I was really stressed out. So much so that I was shaking and my brain racing with a million thoughts.

I had decided on Thursday that I just didn’t really feel like making cupcakes myself. I thought that it would be so much more worth it to go down to a gluten free bakery in Los Angeles to get a few cupcakes for Bean and others we know with similar issues that would be attending the party. Then I would get some regular cupcakes at the grocery store for everyone else.

First, I got bad directions which put me in the ghetto in San Fernando. I finally found the mission with several bus loads of kids and thought it safe enough to pull over there. Then I used my phone to get some directions, but it is really hard to do turn by turn directions on the phone without a voice control or someone else to navigate for you.

I finally reached the freeway I was supposed to take into the heart of the fashion district downtown and it was a complete parking lot with lanes ending and me having to merge and merge and merge. Getting honked at. Then right before my exit three lanes joined back in and I had to merge some more, but those lanes were going fast and our lanes were still at a standstill.

Got off the freeway and then parking was an issue. Also, I forgot to get out cash for parking. It was hot and dirty. There were some scary people walking around. After about my 15th trip around the same city block a bunch of meter spots opened up and they take cards.

Getting the kids out and into the stroller was interesting while parked along a curb on a high traffic street, let me tell you.

But then we got the cupcakes and got out of there.

I was thinking to myself that night as I went into bed, this is exactly why I was against little kid birthday parties. Particularly ones they will probably not even remember.

My attitude changed.

Bean had a great time.

And she loved her cupcake. Even if it was sightly melty due to the hot weather.

Most of our family was able to make it. Some of our friends showed up. There were definitely not nearly 40 people there so we had lots of leftover food.

We got to hang out a bunch with my sister who was up at Pt. Mugu doing some training for her upcoming Pacific Tour.

Most of my family also got to Skype with my sister up in Oregon all at the same time. It was nice to see her face even though she couldn’t be here.

Saturday night we went to BJs where Bean got another one of her favorites. We are super excited that they now have a gluten free crust on their menu.

Yes, she is extremely tired in this picture. The heat took so much out of all of us. We also wound up waiting forever for our food because we had to wait until a manager could come over and give us the food allergy info brochure.

This was for the grownups.

Yesterday we beat the heat with an afternoon at the beach (along with a million other people).

Cherie and I were like a couple little kids. We built a dreamy sand castle with an underground tunnel entrance, a moat, and all sorts of sea decor that we scavenged on the beach.

And then we let Bean destroy it. Another one of her favorites.

It was a good weekend. I just need calm down sometimes and not be so uptight or stressed over silly things.


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3 responses to “Bean turns two!

  1. Paula

    i love those little shorts and tights! and i love the extravagant sand castle. these will be the pictures she looks back at when she’s 25 and think, “wow, i had the best childhood and the best mom.”

  2. Barbie

    Seriously, that top picture is like a little gap ad. It does look like she enjoyed her cupcake, so it was probably worth all the stress. I’m a basketcase when planning events, so I totally can relate. Happy birthday little Miss!

  3. Happy birthday to Bean! Parties stress me out so I can relate. Actually, just about anything stresses me out. I love that she got to celebrate all weekend long. How fun!

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