Little Mama Part 2

So this is mostly an update to this post, but also an update to this post.

I figured it is high time I talked about crafts on this blog. Or something other than monthly child updates.

Only problem is that I am really trying to stay focused and finally finish Bean’s big girl quilt. I just want to get it done and get all the other half finished projects I have around here done too.

Here is my progress so far:

I finished sewing all the squares together to make the quilt top. This is an absolutely huge milestone.

I don’t have a good quilting machine. So I decided to hand quilt this thing. At first I was going to do this cool pattern that I made up myself and traced onto the quilt back, but my stitching isn’t so good. I am opting instead for hand tying at all the corners with some pink scrap yarn.

I was making really excellent progress and then we got that heat wave and there is just no way I can sit with a mostly flannel quilt on my lap to work on.

So today, after a seriously disasterous nap time that eventually ended in two children napping for a tiny bit at the same time, I made Bean a little diaper bag to hold all her baby accessories that we just got her with birthday money.

I basically just made a mini version of the two diaper bags I made (one for myself and one for our cousin). I used the stiff felt for the lining of the bag to give it some body and I used ric-rac to cover up unsighly edges. It’s super cute and much nicer than the one they had at the store which came with some other “mom” accessories that I wasn’t too fond of.

When Bean woke up from her nap, she was pretty thrilled with it and immediately went to work caring for her baby by changing her diaper.

I think my favorite part is that all this stuff now has a place and a handy carrying case.



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4 responses to “Little Mama Part 2

  1. bandofbrothers

    she is too dang cute!

  2. Adorable!!! It is so fun seeing little gals taking care of their babies just like they see their mama’s doing.

    You are quite crafty! Send some crafty vibes my way!

  3. I love this so much, Lisa! You and your crafty sewing skills, I swear.

    She looks so sweet with her baby! And her hair is really growing! So cute.

  4. OK, this is exactly why I wanted daughters. I LOVED playing with my baby dolls and mothering them. What a cute diaper bag. She looks like she’s really enjoying it!

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