The October Daily, 10/2

There are a lot of ways that I feel like Facebook has overtaken the blogging world. And frequency of posts is just one of them.

I guess most of us feel like if we can’t do a full blog post with lots of writing and pictures, then why try?

Also, Facebook has stolen commenters. People comment, comment, comment with no reservations on there, but not so much on the little blogs anymore.

Anyway, I just saw this post by Cara, and I think I will steal her idea that she stole from her friend. And instead of most of these sweet little life moments going up briefly on Facebook, I’ll put them here, at least for the month of October.

So here it is, for the month of October, capture a small moment of happiness that would not otherwise be recorded in a daily post.

My moment today requires two pictures, taken within seconds of eachother…

That’s right, two kids napping at the same time! It is a pretty glorious thing, especially on a Saturday.

Also, another moment of happiness that cannot be captured, is that my sister turns 25 today! Happy Birthday Paula! We miss you. Can’t wait to catch up before you head out of the country.



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5 responses to “The October Daily, 10/2

  1. Megan Mills

    Totally stealing this idea and agree with everything you said!

  2. bandofbrothers

    well i suppose fb and blogging both have their own charm(and curses). i know some people(like my sisters) who tried blogging but just could not work up the energy to do a post. so they are on fb and I am oh-so-happy to see them there at least! but facebook is not good at preserving memories. everything of substance eventually gets buried in mindless prattling. i like having a blog for the sake of posterity…regardless of whether or not fb is stealing all the thunder:)

  3. Paula

    i love that jilly’s dolly is in the exact same position for her nap, lol!

  4. You are totally right about the comments….I’ve been a tad frustrated about that this week even. You post your heart and soul and then NOTHING. Yeah, so I guess it’s Facebook’s fault.

    Love the pictures!

  5. I dislike Facebook for just those reasons. 😛 I can’t keep up with it anyway, so I’ve given up trying! I’d much rather read blogs! 🙂

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