So yeah, going with a Harry Potter family theme for the costumes. Sprout is going as baby Harry in case you were wondering. Not much to that one just some regular clothes and a zig zag on the kid’s head.

I decided pretty early on that I was going to be Professor Trelawney. I wanted someone kind of memorable looking, yet pretty easy to copy. Plus, Bean got a bouncy ball that lights up and has sparkly liquid in it and I figured that could be my crystal ball pretty easily. I plan to follow the advice of the DIY Professor Trelawney costume site (completely cracks me up that it even exists) I read and predict everyone’s untimely demise throughout the evening at the Harry Potter party we are going to.

It was somewhat important to me to have pieces in my costume that I might wear again (perhaps paired with other stuff) which is pretty easy when the person you’ve picked to dress like kind of dresses like a hippy and gypsy with a little bit of proper English rolled into one.

These are the pictures I found on the web that I was working with:

I knew I would have to make my skirt. I didn’t want to go with wool like this costume maker did, because like I said I wanted to end up with something I’d wear again. I’m not a big wool wearer, especially in Southern California. I still wanted to get a similar textured look to my skirt. So I went with linen.

At first I was going to follow one of the patterns in my skirt book, but I just decided to wing it and use a skirt I already had and loved as my inspiration.

Sort of.

Basically I just laid this skirt down on a piece of tissue paper and traced around it. Then I cleaned up the pattern a bit before cutting my fabric. Then I just attached 1/4 yd wide pieces of the contrasting fabric to the bottom to make the stripes similar to the skirt Emma Thompson is wearing in character.

I’m pretty pleased with it. Long skirts and I tend to have a love hate relationship. Mostly hate because I think they make me look shorter than I am and they are usually too long for me to wear without dragging. I think this one is actually a good length for me. Also, I am kind of obsessed with top stitching and how very neat it makes everything look.

Actually, pretty pleased is a litle bit of an undersell. I am excited about it and threw it on with a t-shirt this morning to run errands in. I really like this skirt. It goes with almost everything in my closet.

So anyway, here is a glimpse at my costume in full, I will be adding some more details like necklaces and frizzed out hair and I may even knit a wrapy sweater thing if I have time, because I felted my other wrappy sweater thing a couple weeks ago. Sad freaking day, I tell you. Also, never again will I trust “washable” wool.

Yes, I am aware I look like a crazy loon and that Harry Potter is nerdy. Think what you will. I like those books and the movies and so do my friends and I’m really not trying to impress anyone that thinks otherwise.


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6 responses to “Divination

  1. You make an excellent crazy loon. LOVE Professor Trelawney!! There’s nothing wrong with nerdy, but HP is CLASSIC literary Halloween. 🙂 I hope you have lots of dangly jewelry to add, can’t tell in the photo!

  2. GrandmaTiger

    I think you will all look great and have a blast! It’s not nerdy, it’s cool. I have a question about the other sweater – the one you “felted” – have you tried soaking it in warm water for a while, then gently stretching it out and laying flat – pinned – to dry back into shape? (Aka “Blocking”) I remember a sweater I had a long time ago, it shrank up and I was able to rescue it. I think there was something else – maybe vinegar? in the soak, can’t quite remember. Anyway it’s a thought. Otherwise, well, Bean may grow into it someday! LOL

  3. Great costume! The skirt turned out so cute.

    I made my skirt today. But…I cut everything out in the wrong size. I sewed it all up anyway, but it’s a couple sizes too small. 😦 Now I have to decide if I want to buy new fabric and make another one, or figure something else out. I’m sad.

  4. Lisa Wuertz

    Oh no! That is so sad. That is one of the reasons I didn’t do a pattern from my book. All the skirts are “the standard size 4” and that is not my size. 😦

  5. Paula

    i’m impressed.

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