Fall Fashion Week – Thursday

My picture comes to you today curtesy of the Ventura pier and my sister.

I am wearing my new Daisy Shoppe dress. Thanks again Auntie Linda, love it!

AE Straight Jeans again. Old moccasin loafers from Target. Socks from GAP.

Headband is Calorimetry that I knit forever ago when I used to work downtown and spend my lunch breaks at the knit shop.

Necklace was my first Mother’s Day present a couple years ago from some Etsy shop that I can’t recall just now.

Go check out the other fashions on Emery’s blog

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4 responses to “Fall Fashion Week – Thursday

  1. I am loving that necklace! Wish you could recall where you got it haha I’d like to look it up.
    And Straight Jeans from AE are my favorite!

  2. E

    The pattern on your top is really cool!

  3. Love the shirt! And that headband is pretty sweet!
    ♥/Bevin @All is Bright

  4. how did I miss this day? this is one of my favorites!! you look so adorable, Lisa! 🙂

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