Harry Potter Halloween 2010 (also Fall Fashion Week – Sunday)

We had such a blast at our Harry Potter party last night. It was seriously awesome. I think my sister-in-law should be a party planner for a living. She’s the best.

Also the best?

-Our good friend John Stephens that set up an awesome photo booth at the party and snapped everyone’s portraits.
-My sisters and their husbands that were good sports and came to the party with us and even dressed up. I think they were a little overwhelmed by the intensity of the Harry Potter-ness of the party.
-And Bean who tied with another kid for best kid costume.

Here are the awesome shots John got of our family:

Tonight we have another party to attend to. I’m probably going to put the kids in the costumes they wore for the preschool party. And since I never shared the photos I took with my nice camera that day, here you go:

For more fashion and costume fun, check out Emery’s blog.

Hope you all have/had a happy Halloween.

Edited to add: I think if you click here you will be able to see the entire album of portraits that John took. 🙂


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11 responses to “Harry Potter Halloween 2010 (also Fall Fashion Week – Sunday)

  1. E

    I love the Harry Potter costumes. So much fun! I’ve enjoyed seeing all your outfits this week.

  2. what great costumes!!! you guys look so awesome. and i love the yellow converse on your precious little goldfish! 🙂

  3. Kat

    so creative! absolutely love the costumes! the photo shoot looked super fun!

  4. Paula`

    adorable post! i love the picture of ethan with the yellow converse and the tiger in the backkground!! so cute. you should frame it. thanks for inviting us to the party – it was soooo fun! we had a blast. good memory for the ages, swear. love you!

  5. oh em gee, so many cute costumes, i can barely handle it. love the h-potter theme! i’ve been wanting to do a family star wars theme for a while now… mostly because i want to dress my dog up as yoda… haha!

  6. Ruth

    It was epic. I’m so glad everyone got into it, all of the costumes and crazy characters really made the party!!! Cute preschool pics too!

  7. bandofbrothers

    goodness, outrageous photos! look so real! well done!

  8. The one of “dumbledore” and “voldemort” being all buddy-buddy just cracks me up every time I look at it. Their expressions are priceless!!
    please tell Stephen for me that I think he makes an excellent Dumbledore.

    ALL of the costumes are so great! such fun!

  9. holy moly, these are AMAZING. That party must have been a blast!!

  10. I LOVE all your costumes! You did an amazing job!

    And how awesome are those pictures from the party??

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