Daily, 11/12

His middle name may have been involved…

I am in so much trouble with this little boy!

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4 responses to “Daily, 11/12

  1. Haha! Oh good luck with that. 😛 Climbing on the door of the dishwasher was one of Will’s favorite activities. 😀

  2. Devon

    Yep….Collin is crawling on the dishwasher now too. He loves it.

  3. GrandmaTiger

    Though we don’t often talk about my brother, I will share this with you: Jim was a small toddler, around 18 months old. He got away from Mom and traveled – all alone!- several blocks to our Grandparents’ house, and proceeded to climb up about 20 feet into a Jeffrey Pine, where he was discovered, waving and yelling “Heyo Down Dere!” to all passers-by. I’m afraid there’s a strong streak of climbing in our family. I was roundly criticized when you started at the preschool with Ms Barbara for allowing Paula to climb up the slides and monkey bars, most of the other Moms thought she was “too little” to be allowed to do such things. Truthfully, I couldn’t STOP her LOL. You can’t stop it, so try to channel his adventurous streak into safe activities. Might be time for one of those little plastic Tyco gym toys for both of them.

  4. Paula

    omg i love this.

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