Daily, 11/17

(loud noises including heavy bass music, people being rowdy, walls being thumped from neighbors that started partying at 1:30pm on this Wednesday afternoon, their third annoying party this week)

Bean: (cries) Can’t like the loud noise.
Me: Did you hear a loud noise?
Bean: Yeah, neighbors make loud noise. Can’t like it.
Me: I’m sorry sweetie. I don’t like the loud noises either.
Bean: Neighbors need time out! (shouts) Time out!
Me: (cracking up) Yes, yes they do sweetie, but Mama can’t put them in time out. I’m sorry.
Bean: Don’t worry about it. It’s OK. Don’t worry about neighbors.

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One response to “Daily, 11/17

  1. GrandmaTiger

    Actually, my dear, there should be means for you to “Give neighbors a time-out”. Start with your building manager. If they’re bugging you, you can bet others are mad too – and sometimes all it takes is oneperson saying something to get the rest going. IF that doesn’t slow things down, then look into the noise and nuisance ordinances in your city – people are not allowed to “disturb the peace” to excess – and 3 parties in a week is quite excessive! A litle knock on the door from a uniform may be all it takes to calm things down; if not your final resort would be to ask the manager about swapping units, to a quieter part of the building.

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