Daily, 12/4

A few years ago, pre-kids I was over at Talia’s and laughing because I caught a glimpse of her kids’ lunch plates and noticed they had eaten their apple slices like you would eat an orange slice, leaving the peel behind. Well, guess who started doing the exact same thing all on her own at breakfast today?

Kids are weird.

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2 responses to “Daily, 12/4

  1. hehehe, so funny!! Annabelle STILL, to this day, eats them that way. I cannot get her to eat the peels! crazy girl.

    I miss you and your kids coming over, by the way. 😦

  2. GrandmaTiger

    It’s a texture thing. I don’t particularly like peels myself, I always use a peeler if I eat a real apple ( as opposed to, say, applesauce). Peaches are even more so, fuzzy weirdness in the mouth. Some foods just don’t FEEL right. LOL

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