It’s Christmas time once more

Since having dogs and then kids, my husband has been kind of anti-tree. I finally got him to cave this weekend though. We got a nice tabletop tree last night. I actually kind of like it better for a number of reasons. One being that I don’t have to crawl in awkwardly to water the tree. I also was able to decorate all around the tree.


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2 responses to “It’s Christmas time once more

  1. Paula

    LOVE this!!!! genius my dear sister, genius. the pictures are too cute! i tapped matts arm and excitedly said, “look! stephen cut his hair!!” and this is what that punk said “oh my goodness! this just in people, stephen got a hair cut!” all sarcastically and un-interested. i need more girls in my life! skype soon?

  2. Paula

    ps we got jilly the CUTEST presents the other night & are going for the rest of the fam this weekend, cant wait for you to see! it may come a little after christmas though, ok? love you!

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