Holiday Card 2010

All photos by John Stephens of Iris and Light.


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6 responses to “Holiday Card 2010

  1. Congratulations on your very big news! I was so surprised
    when I got my card in the mail. I hope you are feeling well and
    have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

  2. Tash

    Congrats Lisa and Stephen. Wow!

  3. bandofbrothers

    Congratulations! The more the merry, in my opinion:) your
    kids are such cuties.

  4. Congrats congrats congrats! When I saw people leaving msgs
    on your FB about the “surprise” I thought “She just HAS to be
    prego!!!” 🙂 Yeah! Hope you are feeling well this time

  5. Jill

    Crongratulations! I wish you the best of luck in this 3rd
    pregnancy! Keeping my fingers crossed and praying for no sickness
    for you! My 3rd was much easier since I knew what to expect and
    what worked and what didn’t.

  6. Adorable!! Did you see that’s how Amanda Blake Soule
    announced her pregnancy, too? She’s kept it secret much longer,
    though, I think she’s due in late spring. I was actually hoping for
    an August baby, myself. Have to wait until next October now to get
    pregnant. Silly husband wants a girl born on his birthday (8/26).
    Wish me luck. I may have to have five more kids before we land that
    crapshoot! LOL. Your three are going to be the best of buds.

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