Baby #3, 10 weeks

I guess I am pretty overdue for something more than, “we’re expecting again.”

In a lot of ways though I just feel like there really isn’t much to tell.

I guess first things first is that, yes, this was another surprise. Many of you know that I was done after two. Surprisingly though when I found out I didn’t think, “Oh gosh. Shoot. Me. Now.” Which is about how I expected to react. Instead it was, “Well. OK.”

To be fair, about three days later when I was feeling yucky and very sorry for myself I had a hormonal emotional breakdown of sorts, but Stephen talked me off the edge and I was fine again.

So overall I guess I feel more accepting and better about this baby than I did upon finding out about Sprout. Which is really good, because I was a big mess then.

My biggest fear when I found out actually had nothing to do with the baby actually being here and being a mom to THREE children. That part kind of seemed easy. What I was very worried about was the morning sickness.

Thankfully this has been the mildest of all my pregnancies so far. I haven’t actually lost a meal yet, but there have been some close calls. I definitely feel yucky, but for some reason I am able to control it a lot better than in the past. Also, all the little tips that never worked for me before seem to be working this time: eating a little something right when I wake up, taking my time to get up, eating a little something every two hours, homeopathic medicines (actually I just discovered these), Ginger capsules, Unisom when I am desperate and as a preventative measure, B vitamins, avoiding strong smells and certain foods, not handling raw meat, protein bars, etc.

I am planning another homebirth. You all already know my views on that so no reason to go into it here. The difference this time is that I have hired two (one or the other will be present at my birth) local midwives from a local birth center.

Of course I love, love my midwife that was at Bean and Sprout’s births. I would have had her again, but there were some things to consider. First, going to Bakersfield once a month, then every two weeks and then every week for prenatals got to be kind of a hassle. Even though we have family and friends there and could make a worthwhile trip out of it, it was just a lot. Another thing for me was wanting to find someone with a for sure backup OB that wouldn’t flake on me at the last minute. So in the beginning if I needed a prescription for Zofran it wouldn’t be a big deal and at the end if I went overdue again I could get an NST without any drama. Basically, I wanted to have as little drama as possible this time. A couple other factors are that my midwife is a newlywed and a new mother. So I didn’t want to be pulling her away from her still new family come August to drive all the way out here for me. The most minor and selfish factor of all was not wanting to spend anytime in Bakersfield’s triple digit summer weather in the height of my pregnancy.

So I stepped out of my comfort zone and started interviewing the locals. This area is much more homebirth friendly than the valley so there were quite a bit to choose from.

Actually, I first interviewed an OB that does homebirth. He was pretty hilarious, actually. When I told him that this was my third homebirth, he said that he was probably overqualified to be at my birth. Ha! He gave me a list of midwives he recommended, said I should interview everyone and then if I really wanted to use him that I could. There were lots of other things I thought were pretty funny and great about him, but my all time favorite line was this: “Some midwives are very hands on. They are going to massage your back, maybe be in your ear speaking softly and encouraging you. Yeah, I am a guy. I am not going to do that. That’s your husband’s job as far as I am concerned.”

I took his advice about interviewing the other midwives though and found ones I like and who are honestly much more affordable than the OB would have been.

At my first consultation I got to hear the heartbeat, a strong 170bpms. My subsequent actual appointment the babe was hiding down in my pelvis and not cooperating. At that appointment they did some labs and we found out I have an overactive thyroid again. So they are referring me to an endocrinologist.

The “pregnancy” yucky symptoms I am experiencing this time around–shakey, fainting, nausea, extreme exhaustion, weight loss, headaches, and constantly starving–may actually all be hyperthyroidism symptoms. So if I get it all under control I might be feeling even better. That would certainly be nice.

This time around we are also not finding out the gender. I think we are adequately prepared either way so it will be kind of fun to have a surprise. I love our little Sprout and couldn’t imagine it another way, but when we had that big ultrasound I had some major gender disappointment issues. I cried, a lot. And Stephen got really mad at me about my reaction. I think it is a whole lot harder to be disappointed when the baby is right there on your chest. Not that I would be disappointed either way this time because having both just makes you realize a lot and see how great both can be.

Anyway, I think that is about all there is to update about.

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2 responses to “Baby #3, 10 weeks

  1. Great post! I’m so glad that you aren’t feeling as badly as
    you did with the first two! I must talk to you more about that OB
    and the midwives!

  2. I hope you find a great doctor/midwife and I’m thinking of you as you deal with the hyperthyroidism issues. I’m excited to follow another pregnancy of yours. 🙂 Best wishes to you and your growing family.

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