Twelve months of Sprout

Just so they are all in one place. Happy birthday little boy, we love you so!

Day 1:

Month 1:

Month 2:

Month 3:

Month 4:

Month 5:

Month 6:

Month 7:

Month 8:

Month 9:

Month 10:

Month 11:

Month 12:


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4 responses to “Twelve months of Sprout

  1. bandofbrothers

    He is just so darn cute! Happy Birthday to your dear Sprout!

  2. Paula

    i love how in practically every picture he has his sweet little mouth open wide! so cute!!

  3. Jennifer

    Oh my goodness! I think my favs are 7 months and 12 months. Though, they are perfectly fabulous each one! I would love you meet you, little Sprout. =)

  4. I love that you put all of his monthly pictures in one post. He has grown so much. He looks so smiley and happy and just plain ol’ adorable. I bought those onesies for my sister and I hope she’ll copy you and post all of the photos in one big post when her baby turns 12 months.

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