On being done with nursing the second time

I’ve figured out that my milk supply is all dried up. Sprout is not a happy camper.

I had suspected as much the last week or so. I stopped feeling letdown and I have a strong one. Many times he would latch on, try for a few seconds and then get frustrated. Sometimes he didn’t even want to try. He definitely wasn’t getting full or satisfied.

My plan had been to get him through cold and flu season and then gradually wean him, more as he led than me, before the new baby arrived. I definitely wanted to get him through the current cold he and his sister are sharing.

I feel torn about introducing cow milk right now. It seems like good timing since he can’t get it from me. I have been so afraid of food allergies this go round. A few weeks ago I tried to give him some yogurt and he wasn’t a fan. I also made him a smoothie with some raw milk around the same time, the same smoothie I usually make with almond or hemp milk, and he didn’t like it either.

I stopped getting our raw milk from our CSA because dairy doesn’t seem to agree with me at all this pregnancy and Stephen doesn’t drink enough to justify the additional weekly expense. It just kept getting sour anyway.

Plus, cow dairy products increase mucus production in humans which he doesn’t need considering his nose is already a dripping faucet and he has a junky cough going on.

Then our most recent pediatrician wasn’t a fan at all of milk or dairy products, even the alternative ones. She said after weaning they were completely unnecessary and more of an American cultural diet than anything.

I mean he could definitely use the extra calories. Much like Bean did around this time he has basically dropped to the bottom of the growth chart. Though I don’t even know if I believe in or trust the growth charts anyway.

I wish there were an easy answer. Meanwhile poor little guy is frustrated and very upset about this sudden loss.

I am sure this all sounds very melodramatic to some of you and you are saying, “He was over a year, time to pack those girls up and move on,” but maybe that isn’t the case either. I think those of you that have stuck with me this long already know how these things go with me.

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2 responses to “On being done with nursing the second time

  1. Barbie

    Ahh, Lisa, that’s so frustrating for you both! I would have hated it if that was how it had ended with Aubrey (or Juliet for that matter- though I didn’t/couldn’t nurse her as long). Do you think it’s b/c of the hormones? I actually have heard that about milk before. Neither of my girls are big milk fans. Juliet still likes one bottle before bed (and I still give it even though I technically shouldn’t), but I think it’s more routine than anything. She rarely finished it. Maybe some watered down juices? Does he like cheese or have you not tried it?

  2. That’s so hard, Lisa. For both of you. I had the same problem when I got pregnant with Grant when Franklin was only 9 months old. He stopped gaining weight by 11 months because my supply dropped so low, and I gave him water in a bottle at night when he’d rather have me, because I was just too sensitive and too tired. But he ended up liking cow’s milk, and drank it until he was four. Hasn’t touched it since, and won’t eat cheese either unless it’s one pizza! He nursed the last time at 13 months. By that time, though, he just gave me a look like, “This is silly, Mom, there’s nothing there. Just give me the bottle!”

    Harrison, on the other hand, has not been happy about my milk finally running out — and he’s four and a half!

    Hang in there. Franklin didn’t grow for a few months, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at him now! 🙂

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