Designer crochet scarf

Next week our family and the families of some of our best friends are going to be holed up together in Park City, UT in a “cabin” (more like luxury home). Last time we went I started and finished an entire sweater for my sister-in-law.

I have not felt at all craft since my post-holiday and beginning of pregnancy burn-out.

And then the lovely Kara posted this on her blog and I just about died. The kids woke up from their naps early (actually I later figured out that Bean didn’t nap at all, the little stinker was “awake reading books”) and I took them straight to JoAnn’s to get crochet thread and a minuscule crochet hook. Crochet was my first craft love (my friend Latisha and I rocked the 6th grade class making, selling, and wearing crochet scrunchies, oh heck yes!) so it is appropriate that this should be my first project back.

All I have to go off of is the picture she posted, but I don’t really ever use a pattern anyway and I am not so good at reading crochet ones. So I’m just winging it. Here are a couple shots of my progress so far:

I am so super excited about this project!


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2 responses to “Designer crochet scarf

  1. That’s going to be so beautiful! Can’t wait to see the finished project. 🙂

  2. bandofbrothers

    that is really so adorable! i love it!

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