Soap. It explains everything.

So after our initial post-use wash with the new diapers, I was a little disappointed when we dried them and they smelled better, but still not completely like fresh, clean laundry.

It was definitely better though and when they were dry they didn’t stink.

So anyway I was looking around again for answers and someone recommended this cloth diapering detergent called Rockin’ Green. She said she uses the Hard Rock as well as the Funk Rock Ammonia Bouncer for combating ammonia in her diapers.

The website doesn’t really have an about section or a huge amount of information. It is mostly just a store front with some reviews, but there are a couple youTube videos that they put up about soap buildup in diapers and how they compare to other brands.

After watching the videos I decided to pay attention to the rinse and agitation part of our wash cycle and see if we had soap bubbles.

Well, I have been running back-to-back soap-free wash cycles since 7:30am. I have listened dutifully to the machine and checked in on every rinse/agitation portion of the cycle.

Sooo much soap!

This picture was taken two hours ago. And these are the new diapers, mind you.

It is now 1:30pm and I just checked in again and saw the same thing. Lots of soap bubbles on the surface of the water.

It completely explains everything. No wonder the old diapers stunk. They probably had so much soap in them after two and a half years of washing like I used to wash.

Then I got to thinking about our clothes and how much soap is probably on them too. No wonder Stephen and the kids battle with eczema even though we use a free and clear detergent!

I never really trusted the diaper sites before when they would say that most detergent manufacturers recommend that you use 2-3 times the amount of soap that you really need. I had tried to use less a couple times, but felt like things didn’t get as clean. So I have to figure out a balance now between too much and too little soap.

Edited to add: As of 4:30pm we are still seeing soap bubbles! Ahhh! When will this end?

Second edit and update: I stopped around 10:30pm that first night and picked up again sometime the next morning. I did more washes as I could, but had a lot going on that day with the crazy injured child and grocery shopping that needed to get done. I did my last wash around 5:30pm. I was still getting bubbles on the surface when I checked in, but they were dissipating pretty quickly so I decided to give it up and put them in the dryer. Good news is they did not stink in the dryer and the fabric felt super clean when I pulled it out. Think squeeky clean, but with fabric.


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4 responses to “Soap. It explains everything.

  1. bandofbrothers

    hm. i have always been a bit bothered by this over soaping business but have not have time or energy to look into it yet. i used waaaay less soap than they recommend though.

  2. GrandmaTiger

    As an experiment, you might want to run a completely EMPTY wash and see if your water is “sudsy”. Either the machine itself may have residues or the tap water. There’s a reason so many people only drink bottled water, some city tap water has all kinds of “stuff” in it. My tap water here has a cloudy appearance and will “fizz” slightly when first placed in a glass, it goes away after a few minutes but still…

  3. GrandmaTiger

    One more idea about the diapers. Although laundromats are a huge PIA to go to, especialy with kids, they do have majorly industrial type mega-washers that use massive amounts of water and have really hafty spin cycles, maybe every now and again you could take the diapers to one and put them through a soapless cycle in one of those.

  4. Lisa Wuertz

    I think we got our new routine down. 1st wash 1/4 cup BacOut, cold. 2nd All to the 1 line (before we did 4), hot. 3rd cold no soap.

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