More than enough drama for one day

So this morning I wake up feeling like a total zombie, just like I have for the last three weeks since the sickness came to our household.

Two cups of coffee and a shower later, I am still feeling completely dysfunctional, but whatever I have to attempt to get going because we have things to do today.

Bean tells me not so gently, “Mama! You need to go in your room and get dressed, OK!”

Yeah, taking orders from a 2.5 year old.

A 2.5 year old that has had five potty accidents that morning already. Oy!

So I am getting ready in my bathroom and boom, Sprout trips on the bathmat and goes head first into the shower door tracks.

There is screaming. Then he’s fine.

At first I’m like, OK the kid falls and hits his head all the time. But then I figure I need to take him in anyway because he needed to give a urine sample so I might as well just call it in and see what they say.

Head injury? Bring him in. Head injury with broken skin on metal? Definitely bring him in.

So I do.

As soon as we get there Bean goes into panic mode and clings to my legs the entire appointment even though I explained repeatedly that she wasn’t even the one being seen.

The doctor says he doesn’t have any signs of concussion and that he needs no stitches. He has the nurse tape up the bit of gash. Tells us to wake him once tonight to be safe.

Oh and the three weeks of sickness (oh yeah, forgot to mention, kids have it too)? Low grade sinus infection. The kid has been on antibiotics too much though so he wants him to fight it off on his own if possible.

Get home. Bean has two more accidents while Sprout takes a short nap on the floor. It’s his new favorite.

We all have lunch. Sprout projectiles his. I freak out. Call the doctor back. One vomit is fine, apparently.

I go to change his diaper and realize we forgot to leave the urine sample bag.

Load the kids back up. Back to the doctor’s office. Leave the sample.

Farmer’s market. Kids sample our half flat of strawberries. I realize I didn’t bring wipes. Strawberry juice is everywhere.

Bean pees her pants while standing on the reusable grocery bags in the van. I guess of all the places to have an accident that is a good one. Luckily I do have an extra pair of undies and shorts for her in my purse.

Grocery store. The kids are quite the sight with the strawberry juice and the head injury. Bean touches everything. “Mama, look at this!” “Mama, did you see these?” Or when we were in the bakery section and she had to give every single bag of tortillas a hug.


Kids eat dirt.

What a day.

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  1. Haha!!! Such an adventure. 😀

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