Favorite quotes from Bean

Bean is at a really fun stage right now where she is half mimicking things we say and half coming up with her own original thoughts. Sometimes she says stuff that cracks me up even hours later when I think about it. I’ve been posting some of my favorites to my Twitter feed lately, but not many people follow me there (which is perfectly all right with me, to be honest, because I like that it us much smaller than FB or the blog). So sorry for those of you that do follow me and have already read most of these. I’m trying to make an effort to blog more, mostly for the sake of my family.

“Where is my little sister? I want to see her. I want to make something for her.”

“Mama! You need to go in your room and get dressed, OK!”

“It’s dark, it’s night time too. The Sun went behind the Earth, Mama.”

“Cretzles (pretzles) are munchie, Papa.”

“Should I have some sugar, Mama?” -asked in the most crazy voice possible

“Jump! Jump! Jump!”
“Don’t jump on the chair!”
“It’s like a bounce house!”
“It is not like a bounce house, it is not safe.”

“I like telling you what to do, Mama.”

“Mama, you need to go get your coffee.”

“I’m a movie star, Mama.”

“Mama, I want to wear some pants.”
“You are wearing pants right now.”
“No, these are leggings. They’re leggings, Mama.”

“Everybody can’t see my buns.”

“Nobody wants to eat my feet. Nobody wants to eat your feet. Nobody wants to eat feet!”

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