Blueberry picking 2011

Yesterday a moms group from our church met up at Underwood Farms in Somis for blueberry picking.

I was a little unsure about this activity by myself with both kids, but decided I would try anyway. We were the only ones out there because it was so drizzly so all our kids palled around getting muddy, hunting gophers, and eating more blueberries than they put in their buckets.

Sprout was actually really good at finding the bluest ones and eating them. He didn’t eat any green. He’d just wander down the row, find a bush and stand there picking and eating. Bean was much more interested in being a social butterfly, making new friends and following them everywhere. She did some picking for her bucket, but then would eat them all.

The drizzly day made it pretty nice. In the past it has been too hot and there were a lot of bees. It was nice and cool, no sunburns, not too wet and no bees.

A big salad featuring the fruits of our (my) labor seemed like a good idea last night…

…until somebody picked out and ate all “da boo-bries” (yes he uses some words now) and then didn’t want to have anything to do the rest.

Of course whole grain blueberry pancakes for breakfast this morning.

Yes, stacked three high for the pregnant lady.

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