Maybe this kid will actually come early

So I’m not holding my breath or anything, but some end of the road symptoms have already started for me.

But this is me we’re talking about. You know, tons of false alarms only to end up nearly two weeks overdue.

My midwives say I am allowed to have the baby as early as July 12 which is when we think I will be 36 weeks.

So here is the evidence:

I have been consistently measuring 2-3 weeks ahead in both ultrasounds and the fundal height. With my other two I was always right on or a week behind. So maybe that’s a third baby is the biggest thing, maybe it’s not.

I’ve gotten several “you’ve dropped!” comments this week. This kid is like low. Feels uncomfortable to bend over because I might squish the head low. Bowling ball in my pelvis low. I think you get the picture.

End of pregnancy hives. Happened with the last two as well, right at the last week or two mark. Got a little patch today on my belly. Cortaid helped. Hope I can keep it under control.

The middle of the night dilemma of do I continue to lay on my current side which is starting to hurt or switch which the process of switching is uncomfortable and it takes so much effort. Maybe I can just lay here until my leg is numb. You know, when you are basically gigantic and uncomfortable no matter what.

Lots of Braxton Hicks. Some quite painful. But nothing consistent. Some days I have none. Other days, like today, it seems for no apparent reason any activity sets them off.

So anyway, there you go, a pregnancy update.

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One response to “Maybe this kid will actually come early

  1. bandofbrothers

    so sorry about the hives. sounds terrible. i remember you had the hives the last time too! hang in there!

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