One month to go, get your predictions in

So we are about one month away from the due date (August 9). Which is an average and knowing me I will go over. Again. Because this is me.

Though my chiropractor claims that chiropractic care can assure a more on time delivery by keeping my pelvis open and my low back from being all out of whack. We had some up close and personal and slightly awkward and uncomfortable specific adjustments this week. Fun times.

My midwives also have me taking this herbal supplement “labor support” stuff which I looked up a lot of the ingredients in my homeopathy book and they are supposed to bring on labor. I’m allowed to have the baby as early at Tuesday, July 12. That would be so awesome. I am so ready to be done. So ready.

I think we are finally somewhat settled on names. I bought all the extra supplies needed for a homebirth including some newborn size gender neutral sleepers, one “little sister” outfit and one “little brother” outfit. Despite already having one boy and girl, most of my baby stuff was given away. Hence the need to buy some clothes and swaddling blankets. My homebirth kit arrived a few weeks ago with the more “medical” items that will be used.

My last boy or girl post, didn’t get much feedback, so I thought I’d throw out there again the chance to predict what we are having.

So here’s a review of all the information you might deem necessary in making your prediction:

-Bean definitely thinks we are having a girl. There was one slightly comical incident involving pink cowboy boots getting passed on if the baby turns out to be a girl, in which she suddenly changed her mind about the gender. But other than that she thinks we are having a girl. Sprout is no help. When I ask him he just says, “No.”

-Hardly any morning sickness this go round. I definitely had an aversion to chicken at first and preparing food. I felt kind of sick, but really didn’t puke ever aside from the food poisoning incident.

-The heartbeats per minute gender prediction is no help as it has been kind of all over the map. Mostly around 140, a few times lower and a few times higher.

-My first ultrasound in the ER, the tech thought we were having a boy, but then decided it was unconfirmed and what he saw was the umbilical cord.

-At the ultrasound appointment with the backup OB he made us close our eyes at the beginning until he knew what he was looking at and could safely navigate away from that area. Then he said, “OK, you can open your eyes. I saw the bbb-ladder. Oh, haha, you guys thought I was going to say ‘boy’ didn’t you?”

-One of my friends was talking on Facebook one day about doing the baking soda gender prediction test and so just for the heck of it I looked it up and did it. It indicated girl.

-Same friend also pointed out the Chinese calendar prediction which is supposed to be 99% accurate, in my case it indicates boy.

-At a wedding a couple months ago another friend was telling me all about how accurate the wedding ring prediction was with several people she knew. That test indicated girl.

-I took this old wives tales test and it was dead even on girl versus boy.

So as you can see, this child is a complete mystery. What do you think? Are we having a boy or a girl? And if you really want to get the most out of your prediction, what do you think baby’s birthday will be? Leave a comment and let me know!


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2 responses to “One month to go, get your predictions in

  1. I love the names! My guess is boy. I love some of those tests…those are hysterical! I did the chinese calendar with Hudson and got Two different results from different websites. Huh? Can’t wait for another homebirth story. Hooray!!!

  2. bandofbrothers

    i say boy because you were less sick. and you were less sick with sprout and horribly sick with bean. highly scientific hypothesis:)

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