Happy due date!

I never thought I’d be able to say that with one of my kids. Though, there are many indicators that my due date was likely earlier than what we calculated.

So anyway, I think I came to a decision on the blog nickname: Sparrow.

Sparrow is a really sweet, really laid back baby. He rarely cries and it’s usually because he is uncomfortable (soiled diaper, not swaddled, too hot, etc.) or hungry. He gets pretty extreme about it until the problem is resolved and then he’s back to chill, calm sweet baby boy again.

After Sprout and all of his super sensitivities, reflux and general digestive irritability, terrible sleeping abilities (still!), and all that it has been so nice to have a baby that is pretty much the opposite of that. It’s keeping me sane and allowing me to stay up with the other two.





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2 responses to “Happy due date!

  1. bandofbrothers

    sparrow is the cutest name! love it and love his yummy munchy baby cheeks:)

  2. Sunny

    So glad he came early for you! He sounds so sweet and mellow. Congrats again!

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