The boy that potty trained himself (or not)

So we might be crazy.


That would be Sprout wearing a pair of big boy undies. He isn’t even two. This is kind of ridiculous. Maybe I am crazy.

But hear me out (Also, I am apparently in good company with Lorie and my sister).

For the past month or so, Sprout tells me, in a very whiny voice I might add, “Nee go paaawwdee!” and then proceeds to the bathroom and nearly dives in head first. Then, after I get his diaper off and place him up there, he begins demanding “fush, fush!” (flush) and “je-bee,” (jellybean).

At some point he started actually going instead of just sitting there. About a week ago he started going almost exclusively in there and rarely in his diaper.

His main motivation is getting to flush the potty and jellybeans. This actually started awhile ago, pre-potty interest, when he would demand a jellybean upon seeing his sister get one.


I don’t know. Bean went through kind of the same thing and potty training wound up being months and months of successes and then total regressions. She still just has random days that are full of accidents. It was/is really frustrating.

I thought I would “learn my lesson” and wait until what seems to be the magic age of three when potty training is supposedly a breeze or so I am told. But he is really motivated.


This morning he pulled out the big boy undies all on his own and really wanted to wear them. I gave in. He had one accident, one milk spill at breakfast that required a change and more successes than I can keep track of. When I put him in a diaper for nap time he just kept crying, “Undies! Undies! Undies!” from his crib and pointing at the pair that was laying on the changing table.

Then there is the whole issue of there being so much that I have to help him with still. And hello, nursing a newborn doesn’t make it exactly convenient to drop everything and go tend to the child in the bathroom.

In conclusion, potty training is the worst, even when it’s this easy.


***Evening update: things were going great. He went twice in the Target bathrooms. Then at the farmer’s market he told me he had to go (no bathrooms) and held it all the way until we got home. Then the kids started going crazy and Papa still wasn’t home. Gave him a call and from the time I called just as he was leaving the office to when he walked in the door (about 20 min max), Sprout had four pee accidents. So I gave up and put a diaper on him. I stepped in a hidden pee puddle tonight during the great toy cleanup. Also, why do little boys continue walking around as they are peeing? Pee trails all over. I hate potty training. The end.


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2 responses to “The boy that potty trained himself (or not)

  1. Andrea

    I gave up. I was really dedicated to it but then avory started having multiple accidents in very short amounts of time &with all the over time on top of my already hectic schedule it was just too difficult! And I really didn’t feel comfortable putting demands on his Grandma while I’m working so much. So in October we will try again.

  2. Auntie Linda

    Thanks – that was hilarious!

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