GAP inspired embroidered onesies

I mentioned a few posts back that I saw some really cute embroidered onesies from babyGAP. Since embroidery is pretty simple, doesn’t take up a whole lot of space, is inexpensive compared to most crafts, and is easy to pick up and put back down at a moment’s notice, this makes it the perfect craft for my current situation. So there really is no need to spend $20 each on these…



…when I can make these all on my own…






All motifs from Doodle Stitching: The Motif Collection by Aimee Ray, a book I highly recommend for lots of cute embroidery ideas and motifs.


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2 responses to “GAP inspired embroidered onesies

  1. bandofbrothers

    they came out SO cute!!!

  2. You did an amazing job with those! Alyssa has that book and says it has a ton of cute, woodland themed projects. I need it in my life.

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