Sparrow – month 1

I don’t know if this kid is just different or if I had more time on my hands with the other two to notice all the little things and write a bunch about them.

Sparrow is a month old today. Seems weird. Anyway, there really isn’t much to say. Mostly he eats and sleeps. He kind of goes along with our life, but occasionally decides to throw a wrench into the whole operation and demand attention.

The last few days we’ve noticed that he’s kind of woken up a little and become a more observant. But like I said, mostly he just sleeps and eats.


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3 responses to “Sparrow – month 1

  1. Auntie Linda

    THANKS! Love the pics, love the new header (?) on your blog, love the family history piece…only part I don’t love is Stephen’s pic…you don’t have one with his beautiful smile? have a wonderful weekend!

  2. bandofbrothers

    adorable pictures and i really love your sidebar pics too! beautiful!

  3. GrandmaTiger

    I think it’s just that he’s your third, with the first two, Bean was your VERY FIRST baby and everything was new and different and every whimper, sigh, and diaper change was thi swonderful new experience, then along came Sprout and he was the very first boy in the family, so again all was new and special, plus you wanted to document fo ryour sister so she could see where her “little man” would be in a couple weeks. Henry is special and wonderful too, but most of what he does right now is just baby being a baby, eat sleep and fill a diaper. Soon he will have more going on – the usual milestones of rolling over, sitting up, crawling, etc.

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