Sparrow Month Three

What can I tell you about our little Sparrow?

He smiles at us now.

He is the first baby I’ve had that actually can be put down in a bed to sleep all on his own. Snuggling and rocking and all that only seem to make him fuss and make matters worse. I’m serious! I lay him down he grunts a bit, finds his comfortable position and he goes to sleep. It’s amazing.

He also tends to prefer hanging out in the stroller most of the time instead of the Ergo. It’s weird.


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4 responses to “Sparrow Month Three

  1. Mary Luedeker

    These kids are just so cute.

  2. Barbie

    3 months?? Already??

  3. Lisa Wuertz

    I know! 😦

  4. I am so happy to hear you have an easy sleeper! What a blessing. He is adorable and looks so much like his big brother! 🙂

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