And then I decided to try homeschooling again

I keep going back and forth on the idea of homeschooling. I want to do it and then I don’t. I think it’s the best idea in general terms, but then when I contemplate my personal situation, it doesn’t always seem so.

I get frustrated about little things at the Parks & Rec Preschool like yesterday when Bean’s snack consisted of a cupcake and Halloween candy because there was a birthday and it was the day after Halloween. Or the bully/ADD kid that shouted the f-word at another kid in my presence while I was dropping Jillian off one day. Or Sprout’s naps getting ruined by the car trips to and from class.

Part of me also thinks our days could use a little discipline and routine instead of craziness and no plan.

Inspiration hit at 10:30pm last night and then next thing you know I’m picking out free printables and making up a mini lesson for the day.

Fall word flash cards

Coloring and cut and paste pages

Both kids coloring together

So this morning we started off talking about Fall and the leaves. The kids colored a leaf printable while I made breakfast. On our drive to ballet we pointed out all the trees changing colors and the leaves falling and being blown by the wind.

When we got home the kids colored their scarecrow parts while I nursed and changed Henry. Then we assembled them together and talked about the scarecrow’s parts.

Then we went over our fall words flash cards and read What Happens in the Autumn.

So far it was a successful first day. I really like that Sprout isn’t left out. He hates leaving sister when we drop her off at school. He has so badly been wanting to do all the same stuff as her.

I’m doing this as another trial run. I’ll still keep her in class for now. Or maybe we’ll just keep doing both.


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2 responses to “And then I decided to try homeschooling again

  1. Check out for some great worksheets and activities. Another homeschooling mom told me about it. I love it. We’ve been using it for my first grader and my kindergartner.

  2. Go, Lisa!! đŸ™‚

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