Pumpkin pie & pumpkin math

Today the kids persisted in being sick and yet energetic.

This morning we made pumpkin pie scented paintings. Part of this idea I borrowed from this education.com project and part of it I thought up on my own.

So first we started with yellow and brown construction paper. I traced one of my salad plates with a pencil on both colors. I cut the brown circle out perfectly round and the yellow circle I cut outside the line and wavy. Then we used a glue stick to attach them together. Whenever we do gluing, I use it as an opportunity to reinforce the concept of counting. I totally remember my preschool and kindergarten teachers doing the same thing. I say, “Press down here and let’s count to five together,” or something like that.


Next we mixed up our pie scented paint.


It is a mixture of white glue, pumpkin pie spice, vanilla extract, water, and orange and brown paint. I talked about each ingredient with the kids and let them smell the spices. Then I let Bean mix it up with her brush and they painted their pies.




I know they aren’t much to look at, but the kids had fun and they smell nice.

Next we did a little pumpkin math activity that I found in this free pumpkin printable. The kit had a pattern for a paper die and a chart to graph the number of instances for each face of the die.



Sprout can count and match, actually a little better than his sister, but this activity was still a bit over his head. Having him be our thrower, though, was a great way to include him in the activity.


Bean was our grapher and dutifully colored each square as we charted and rolled.


This all happened before we made our one necessary trip out of the house to Target for vitamins, juice, and wipes (and of course wound up walking out of the store with more than those things) and our weekly veggie pickup. Then naps got ruined by the car ride, lunch was delayed a couple hours and the whole day went downhill from there including Sprout figuring out how to climb out of the crib.

Sprout was a crying, clinging, snot faced, coughing, sad, pathetic mess, by the end of the day, but I did manage to distract him for a few minutes by letting him help me make a real pumpkin pie. He was super proud of cracking the eggs in particular, so much so that he ran to Stephen when he got home and shouted, “Papa! I cracked egg!” instead of his usual, “Papa’s home!”


But it’s generally known that when it comes to baking, I’m terrible at it. I used to think it was because of my limited ingredients due to the kids’ food allergies, but I don’t have that excuse anymore. This pie was way too spicy and it didn’t really set up so it was goopy. So there you have it, I’m not good at something. Not perfect.

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